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14 Facts Which We Feel Are Absolutely True But Actually Aren’t!

August 27, 2017

All of us read a lot of things on Facebook, Instagram and on many other social media sites. We know that we can’t rely or immediately believe on the news or facts they provide. But what if the facts you always believed on, are not true at all. Feeling deceived? Here is the list of such facts that aren’t true.

1. The earth revolves around the sun
Since childhood, we have been told that the earth revolves around the sun, but this is not exactly true. The earth actually revolves around the centre of mass of the solar system called Barycentre. Since the mass of the sun is huge, the Barycentre generally happens to be contained in the sun. But sometimes when the Barycentre is outside, the earth is just rotating around empty space.

2. Tomato is a vegetable
Tomato is definitely not a vegetable, it is a fruit. Scientifically speaking, tomatoes develop from the ovaries in the base of the flower and it also contains seeds of plants which make tomato a fruit. But since it tastes more like a vegetable and is used for various cooking purposes, so it is considered as a vegetable.

3. Bulls are enraged by red colour
Bulls aren’t enraged by red colour. In fact, they can’t even see red colour as they are colour blind. The bull runs towards the moving cloth because it misunderstands it as an enemy.

4. Different areas of tongue are dedicated to different tastes
There are no different areas of tongue dedicated to different tastes. Any food item will taste the same all over the tongue. In addition to that, we have one more taste sense other than salty, sweet, sour and bitter. It is called umami. Umami is a savoury or meaty taste.

5. Linux OS is immune to viruses
We all have seen people boasting about Linux’s security and immunity to viruses. But this is not true, as there are viruses that operate even in Linux, it’s just that they are less in number and mostly weak.

6. Chameleons change their colour to blend in the surroundings
I know it is hard to believe but this fact is false. Chameleons do not change their colour to blend in the surroundings or to hide from their predators. They are usually fast enough to escape death and many can run at the speed of 21 kmph. The real reason why they change their colour is to reflect their mood and to communicate with other chameleons. Chameleons use darker colours to show anger and light colours to attract mates.

7. Bananas grow on trees
Now you may say that this fact has to be true as you have seen bananas growing on trees. Well, what you haven’t seen carefully is that it isn’t growing on a tree but on a huge herb misunderstood as a tree.

8. Bats are blind
Bats hunt in the dark using echoes of self-produced sounds that bounce back and help them to navigate things, but this doesn’t mean that they are blind. Some studies also show that sometimes bats prefer eyesight over echolocation for hunting.

9. Alcohol keeps the body warm
Alcohol does not keep the body warm. It just moves the warm blood closer to the surface of the skin and gives you a warm feeling temporarily. At the same time, alcohol also makes you lose the core body heat, making the conditions worse during winter.

10. Sunflowers track the sun
Many of us have a misconception that sunflowers track the sun across the sky, which is totally wrong. Sunflowers do not track the sun but they always face east.

11. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple
Many of us who are interested in the ancient stories of bible believe that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple. But nowhere was it mentioned the fruit they ate was an apple. It could also have been a fig or Pomegranate.

12. Humans have five senses
Our elders and many movies have made us believe that humans have only five senses. But other than taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight humans can also feel temperature, balance and pain. The exact number of senses lie somewhere between 9 to 20.

13. Ninjas only wore black
Many comic books and movies have forced us to believe that ninjas only used to wear black. But this isn’t true as they used to wear anything which would make them blend in the surroundings.

14. We only use 10% of our brain
Many false facts and Hollywood movies have convinced us that we use only 10% of our brain. This isn’t true. We use 100% of our brain, it’s just that we don’t use all of it at the same time



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