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Confluence 2017 – Festival of India in Australia Launches

October 9, 2017
Contributor - Akshay Raj K.

Akshay is a passionate, progressive and proud young man of Indian heritage from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Akshay has a background and qualifications in the fields of Law, Economics and Public Policy (UTS) and currently works in Consulting providing strategic advice to StartUps and the NFP sector.

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Dr. L Subramaniam


From one the earliest exchanges of Indian arts, dance, music and culture in Australia, there has been no shortage of Indian artists, actors, and musicians traveling to the continent to rejuvenate the cultural connection for the Desi diaspora. Recently the legendary A R Rahman toured a number of capital cities and it was clear that his fan base not only included Desi’s but people from a multitude of cultural and diverse backgrounds.
The appetite for Indian cultural, arts and festivities is growing and being consumed by the broader Australian society in a greater manner than has ever been seen before. The term ‘ Indian’ is no longer synonymous with merely butter chicken, Taxi drivers and Cricket. Rather for the average Australian the term connotes the extravagance of Bollywood, the movies Lion, Slumdog Millionaire as well as the increasing economic partnership between the two countries. With migrants from the Subcontinent as per the 2016 Census now contributing to largest community of new residents, its no wonder that Indian arts, music and culture are finding their way into the fabric of Australia society.


HE Dr. Gondane. and Hon. Ray Williams MP


On the 2nd of October at the Australian Maritime Museum, Sydney a gala event was held for the Confluence Festival 2017, celebrating India in Australia. The event was attended by a number of notable individuals including Hon. Ray Williams MP, Minister for Multiculturalism, Hon. Pat Farmer MP, amongst executives from the ABC, Indian Consulate Staff and individuals from the Indian community . The reception was followed by a concert and performances from Kavita Krishna Murti, Dr. L Subramaniam and their fellow maestros. Despite the exclusivity of the event, renditions from Hindi and Tamil hits where accompanied by Classical notes, demonstrating the broadness of the Indian community in Australia and the vast diversity that makes up the subcontinent.

Kavita Krishna Murti


The Confluence Festival will be throwing a spread of entertainment across several cities between September 23rd – October the 29th 2017. The as part of the festival communities will be drawn to events, performances and workshops that celebrate the vibrance of Indian Culture. ‘ Drawing from both the contemporary and traditional influences, audiences will be witness to a number of artistic form such as creative and performing arts, literature and oral story telling’ noted the High Commission of India, HE Dr. Gondane.

Festival Director Mr Sanjay Roy told audiences, “ Its a coming together of two cultures, covering a gamut of artistic extravagance. Last year the festival covered 7 cities , over 86 days, involving over 200 performers, in 71 events in 39 venues and attracted close to 100,000 attendees. This year 2017 will be bigger and better than ever before”.

Echoing these sentiments Sonia Ghandi of Ghandi Creations and a Co-Director of the festival added, “ There will be classical, folk, dance and threats performances as well as puppetry, our own version of Punch and Judy”. However it was stressed that “ This cultural diplomacy is essentially strengthening the bilateral relationships between the two counties through a mutual appreciation of cultural mores”.

Organisers thanked Adani for their support as the major sponsor of the event and did not believe that this would impact on the essence or attendance at the festival. One attendee even commentated that ‘ taking the show to rural and regional areas would highly benefit the locals. It’ll let them see the similarities between cultures, common interests and help to dispel the racists, nationalist sentiments that we’ve current seen”.
The festival will be running until the 23rd of October with the final Sydney event taking place at Martin Place, Sydney.

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