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Hanson ‘internment’ suggestion slapped down

June 8, 2017

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has defended her call for Australians who are on terrorist ‘watch lists’ to be interned in camps.

The Queensland senator wrote to the prime minister on Wednesday, calling on individuals who are being monitored for terrorism offences to be ‘interned to neutralise their possible harm to this country.’

Senator Hanson stood by her position during an interview with the Seven Network on Thursday.

‘You know what, intern them, because I don’t want to see one more Australian or one more person in fear for their life,’ she said.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten condemned the suggestion, saying security agencies are equipped to deal with violent Islamic extremism.

‘Let us be very straightforward, this country, none of its leaders, no-one in it, has any time for violent Islamic extremism, of course not, but I am going to back the security agencies and the police,” Mr Shorten said.

‘That’s how we fight terrorism.’

Terrorism expert Professor Greg Barton slammed Senator Hanson’s suggestion, saying it would undermine Australia’s security and hand a huge victory to groups like the so-called Islamic State.

‘She’s just confirmed herself to be true to our worst fears as a self-serving, ignorant bigot; that’s very sad.’

‘It would just be a completely reckless and foolish thing to do, and extremely counter-productive,’ Professor Barton told Sky News.

Source: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/06/08/hanson--internment--suggestion-slapped-down.html



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