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Kangana Ranaut – “All I want is the freedom for myself”

January 29, 2018
Contributor - Harmohan Singh Walia

Harmohan Singh Walia or Harry Walia as he is popularly known was an Olympic Torchbearer in Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Guru Nanak Engineering College, Ludhiana in 1973 and post graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Thaper University Patiala in 1987.

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Kangana Ranaut is one of the top and highest paid actresses in the Indian film industry today. She is well known for her bold and interesting statements. She is a receipient of several awards, including three National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards in four categories.

She was born on 23 March 1986 in Bhambla (now Surajpur), a small town in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh into a Rajput family. Her father, Amardeep Ranaut is a businessman and mother, Asha Ranaut is a school teacher. Her parents wanted to see her a qualified doctor. But when she failed in Chemistry in year twelve, she did not turn up for the exam despite preparing for the All India Pre Medical Test. She was determined to build her own career path and relocated to Delhi at the age of sixteen, where she briefly became a model.

Kangana Ranaut said, “My mother wanted me to get married at the age of 16. She felt that it was the right age. This (marriage) was a talking point at my home. In fact when my brother was 22, my mother felt his age of marriage had passed,” Kangana said at an event. She further said that she challenged the beliefs of her parents as she never thought of herself as a burden.

Kangana Ranaut apparently left home to be a part of the glamour world like many others who come to Mumbai with dreams. She revealed, ”I won’t say I don’t want to be where I am today, but the industry is an insecure place to be in. This industry is like one fine day you get up and you get a call for work and at times, you don’t get work for six months. It’s not just about me. I think everybody has their own insecurities,” said Kangana.

Kangana made her feature film debut in the 2006 thriller “Gangster” for which she was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. She received praise for her roles in “Woh Lamhe” (2006), “Life in a…Metro” (2007) and “Fashion” (2008). Her commercially successful films were “Raaz: The Mistery Continues” (2009) and “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai” (2010). Her comic role opposite R. Madhavan in “Tanu Weds Manu” (2011) and then played a mutant opposite Hrithik Roshan in the science fiction film “Krrish 3” (2013) were well received. She won Filmfare and National Film Award for Best Actress for her performance in “Queen” (2014). In 2015, Kangana Ranaut portrayed a dual role in “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” for which she won a Filmfare Critics Award and a second consecutive National Film Award for Best Actress.

Kangana Ranaut is one actress who is known to wear her heart on her sleeve. The actress, who has been quite open about her feministic views, recently spoke about sexual harassment women face when they decide to speak up against it in public. The ‘Queen’ star reportedly stated that we, as a country, need to do away with a mindset that the onus on the behaviour of a sexual offender is more often than not on the woman. She also feels that if her clothing or demeanour converts someone into sexual offenders, it is not in her hands.

Kangana also said that if a woman, who has faced sexual harassment wants to open up years later, she should be given a space. In fact, she feels she should be allowed to talk about it even from her deathbed. The actress added that the term sexual harassment is most misunderstood term in India. She feels most of the time it is misunderstood for consensual sex.

Kangana Ranaut has come a long way in the industry; she has paved her path from flops to hits. In an interview, the actress spoke about her journey. “Nobody was my support. You have to support yourself and I think that is the beauty of being a woman. You can handle anything and be ten times better than men”, she said. Kangana also revealed, “I need nothing from my companion. No money, no financial security, no emotional support, nothing. All I want is the freedom for myself”, said the actress.

Trust Kangana Ranaut to speak her heart out at every given opportunity. The actress is as honest and straight-forward as it could get. Whether she is asked to comment on an on-going issue within Bollywood or politics or current affairs, Kangana is known to speak her heart and mind and doesn’t like to be politically correct.

The National Award-winning actress, who has been romantically linked with actors like Aditya Pancholi, Adhyayan Suman and most recently when she opened up about her relationship with actor Hrithik Roshan. A lot has been said, written and read about the ongoing legal battle between them. Both the superstars have left no stone unturned in digging out some never-seen-before worms that laid covered under their secretly-guarded alleged relationship for all these years.

Kangana Ranaut unabashedly took jabs at people ridiculing her thick accent and also didn’t mind giving those people ‘talking behind her back’ a piece of her mind. The actress gave the audience something to cheer and hoot about when she said, “Haan hai mera accent, toh kya hogaya? Yaha pe inko mera accent fake lagta hai, yeh log jab khud bahar jaate hain toh unko inka accent fake lagta hai” (Yes I have an accent so? They feel I have a fake accent and when they themselves go west, people then find their accents fake).

The ‘Queen’ actress spoke bluntly at a recent event where she was conferred with the ‘Woman of the Year’ award. Pulling attention to her chiseled physique which she flaunted with grace in a beautiful polka-dotted off-shoulder dress, Kangana offered to make a confession that her hotness is so underrated. She asserted that even she goes to the gym, but nobody talks about her abs or asks about her diet.

Kangana revealed that there was no dearth of offers, but what was lacking was the kind of work she wanted to do. “Everybody has different kind of struggle. For some it is lack of work but for me it was not getting the right kind of films. After Gangster I was being typecast, be it Life in a… Metro, Fashion or others. So, I actually had to put my foot down and say, ‘No, I am not going to take more of this’. I almost had to stay out of work for sometime to change the course of the image I was getting into without wanting it,” said Kangana.

“Image means a lot. It is everything in the business that we are in. The kind of roles which you get, people identify with your roles, and it then leads to the kind of brands you get. Overall the business is completely based on the kind of image that you have.” She said that she would prefer working whole-heartedly on one film a year as she is financially secure and doesn’t feel the need to work day in and day out.

“Queen” is one of Kangana Ranaut’s biggest blockbusters, in which she faces rejection from her man. And in an interview, Kangana revealed that she had been through a similar phase in real life. The actress stated that she has learnt to deal with rejection and that everyone has the right to decide whether they want to be in the relationship or not.

Kangana said, “I am not a very easy person to be with, I am very stubborn. I have hang ups. I am not one of those people expected to do the expected. But at the same time I have always taken the responsibility of my actions.” She also said, “Big B’s two letters were my two medals”.

While replying to why she feels celebrities often get misinterpreted for their statements, Kangana Ranaut said that people expect her to be ‘sati-savitri’, but being today’s woman she is a ‘total badass,’ not a ‘sati-savitri’ and refuses to become one. Kangana even said that we, as Indians, have a knack for loving a stereotypical, sobbing, sympathy-seeking personality. So she feels the need to promote quirky, cool and youthful talent and stop propagating the sob-story angle of celebs, where they try to be larger-than-life.

Kangana Ranaut was the only actress from India who attended the London’s Women in The World event along with big names like Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Cara Delevigne and some other influential women from various parts of the world.

Kangana Ranaut, who is currently in the best phase of her career, doesn’t want to settle down right now and says marriage is not on her mind. The actress also asserted that one should not enter into wedlock due to any social pressure. “It (marriage) is an individual choice… whether he or she wants to get married or not. I believe it should be a choice and not a compulsion. I think we should not pressurise girls or boys for their future, marriage or anything. What do you want to become in life, do you want to get married, how do you want to live.

When Kangana was quizzed about her marriage plans, she reportedly said, “I don’t know why our society wants women to marry by the age of 30. It is very unfortunate. I am not getting married anytime soon” ending with a hearty laugh.


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