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Melania Trump Celebrates Anniversary As First Lady With Pic Not Showing Donald & Fans Are Loving It

January 21, 2018

Where’s the president? Melania Trump marked her first year as FLOTUS with a photo that does NOT include Donald Trump!

It’s been a year since Donald Trump, 71, became President of the United States. Americans everywhere are marking the occasion in very different ways. For hundreds of thousands of protesters, it’s time once again to take to the streets in Women’s Marches across the country to share their disapproval of not only Trump’s policies and platform but his behavior while in office. For the First Lady Melania Trump, 47, it’s a time to reflect on her time living in the White House with a Twitter post. There’s just one glaring problem: Trump isn’t in the photo! Head here for more photos of the FLOTUS.

“This has been a year filled with many wonderful moments,” she captioned a photo of herself getting escorted by a Naval officer on Inauguration Day in 2017. “I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet throughout our great country & the world!” Although it’s a subtle choice to exclude her husband from her photo, it certainly had fans and followers wondering if she was attempting to distance herself from the polarizing president.

“That guy you’re with is way hotter than Trump. I can see why you picked that picture,” one user wrote. “Why didn’t she post a picture of her with her husband who is the President of the United States to mark this anniversary. Hmmm,” another chimed in. “Notice who is missing in the photo and tweet? Hahahha wish I could wipe away @realDonaldTrump that easily,” yet another wrote. If, let’s say she’s trying to push her image away from Trump’s — message received, Melania.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think? Is Melania slyly shading Trump with this post? Share your thoughts and responses in the comments section below!


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