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The Interiod Designer

The Interiod Designer

“MOKSHA”- Meaning Salvation

February 28, 2017

Indian Dance Center’s dedication, passion and aim to raise awareness & spread knowledge of Indian culture in Australia and abroad through the medium of Traditional Indian Dance resulted in the Musical Theatre Production “MOKSHA”- meaning salvation.

With a beautiful set stage , traditional costumes & jewellery audience was taken back in the era of 490 BC India.

Through a dynamic performance of Indian Uday Shanker style, music, multimedia and Hindi dialogues, Australia-based internationally renowned dance directors Raghvan Nair and Poornima Sharma weaved the emotions of power, greed, love, loss, betrayal and victory with a captivating rendition of this story.

In this materialistic age Buddha’s teaching refreshed people’s mind. Gautam Buddha say….. “ in this world, greed is the most dangerous thing that there is…. When you start acquiring & needing all the things around you!

When you give up all these things, the need of having then in your life , then you won’t need for your Salvation… you will be blessed !”

The show was too good to be missed. Balzinder Balz –the official photographer for DesiAustralia.com beautifully captured the still glimpses of the show for you.

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