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Rani for RANI- Celebrating culture with a Cause.

February 4, 2018
Contributor - Akshay Raj K.

Akshay is a passionate, progressive and proud young man of Indian heritage from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Akshay has a background and qualifications in the fields of Law, Economics and Public Policy (UTS) and currently works in Consulting providing strategic advice to StartUps and the NFP sector.

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The launch of the iconic and controversial film ‘ Padmaavat’ around Australia had cinemas packed and audiences thrilled. In Sydney, RANI ( Rajastani Association of NSW Inc) took the launch of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  film to a new level of expectation with over a thousand attendees at its first screening. The event ‘Rani for RANI’ held on the 25th of January in the Desi Hub of Liverpool saw a spectacle of red carpet interviews and the glitz and glamour one would typically expect of a premier.

However ‘Rani for RANI  ’ was more than just a gathering of Bollywood enthusiasts, it was a celebration with an important cause behind it. “Its about celebrating Rajastani Culture, showcasing our talent and who are as a people, with the broader community. More importantly our event is about doing something positive for those Raj-kumari’s (girls) in Rajasthan who deserve a bright future” said RANI’s Organiser, Mrs Swapna Bhutada.

RANI is a not for profit community association for the appreciation of  Rajasthan’s rich culture and heritage. Apart from social events and activities RANI is committed to a number of causes focusing on the less privileged women of Rajasthan. ‘Rani for RANI’ is just one of number of exciting events the organisation has in stall for 2018.

In India there is little doubt that education is the great equaliser for those not born into wealth. For women the path to education is made all the more difficult due to a number of factors. According to recent Government of India statistics (DRDO data) around 23% of girls in India drop out of school due to the lack of basic sanitary facilities, such as toilets.

Swapna  emphasised that “This setback resulting from discontinued education has an everlasting impact on these girls’ lives. This is why RANI will be committed to improving these facilities for young girls and thus providing them with the ability to pursue their dreams and fulfil their potential”.

Funds raised from ‘Rani for RANI’ will go towards the building of sanitation facilities for girls in remote village schools of Rajasthan. After a consultation with government ,non government bodies and local communities RANI will be focusing on the rural communities situated in Rajkiya Kendra VidyalaGendaliya village and the Bhilwara District of Rajasthan. After consultations with government, non-government bodies and local communities, RANI will also be focusing on improving schools in other rural communities of Rajasthan.

Stepping away from the controversy behind ‘Padmaavat’ RANI has made an appeal for people to unite in their love and appreciation of Rajasthani culture, tradition and history, rather than divide over claims of political and religious bias invoked by certain groups in the lead upto  the film’s release.

Interested in RANI ?

For more information please use the following links below or simply get in touch with RANI via email on australia.rani@gmail.com.





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