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The Interiod Designer

The Interiod Designer

School is back and are our priorities really sorted?

February 13, 2018

The schools having commenced the new academic year for 2018, a school in Brisbane (The gap State Highschool TGSHS in Brisbane’s West) has issued a detention notice to about 100 students for not wearing the correct school uniform. The parents vented their anger on social media as they were angry to know that the school had sent their children back to home for having the wrong size heal on their school shoes.

According to the parents, what was even more hurtful was that the Queensland Education Minister was backing the Brisbane school for handing out these detention notices.

In the school’s defence, the school had issued pictures of what shoes comply.

The Department of Education spokesperson confirmed that the schools dress codes reflected the community’s standards that was in fact required and outlined in the schools’ website. The school confirmed that the next P&C meeting would in fact address the issues raised about the new school uniform policy.

However, when is enough, enough? What is actually outlined in the best interest of the children, school and the community?

In NSW, the Department of Education outlines the school uniform policy in the Policy Statement and Guidelines. If anon-compliance does not fall within the exemptions, then a conflict in fact arises. Please find outlined below the link related to the school Uniforms in NSW garment schools. Of course, if it is a private school then their private regulations determined by P&C in fact govern the same.


Recently another school in Tokyo also issued a notice to families advising them that their uniform was changing to Armani uniforms (worth a fortune!!!!)


Kindly ensure that your child complies with the uniform regulations in order to not be issued with a fine or to receive a detention notice.


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