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Sparkling celebration of “Warrior’s Day”

March 13, 2018

Photo Credit: Jindeep Photography

This year Sydney ladies celebrated the International Women’s Day as “Warrior’s Day” in style at Spark’s Wakhra Swag

Abbey Singh- Wakhra Swag organiser


Bringing the theme to life the swaggers dressed in their best head wraps and sparkled in their Wakhra Swag (different style)

Selfies, poses and style- the beautiful warriors were ready to slay!

Event organiser Abbey Singh said “I wanted to acknowled the efforts & achievement of other women -who are day to day warriors in different fields and hence came up the unique idea of celebrating The Warriors Day with Wakhra Swag”

Mrs India Australia 1st runner up 2013 Abbey Singh has been using her platform of modelling to let every women know that there is no time or age to follow your passion.

The event concluded with Bird free ceremony where the Doves were let go to venture out in the open vast sky.Doves signify not just peace but are also a symbol of freedom and solidarity… freeing the doves was a gesture symbolic of breaking the cage of stereotypical norms of being a woman and achieving the vast sky’s in terms of how much women have accomplished and how much more there is to come.

This unique theme event was wonderfully pulled together by Abbey and her the hardworking team along with the presenter of the event Elaine Roach from Spark Homes.



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