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The Interiod Designer

‘This Is Us’ Recap: Jack’s Death Is Finally Explained & It’s Devastating

February 5, 2018

The Super Bowl episode of ‘This Is Us’ was downright gut-wrenching. Fans finally learned how Jack died, and it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

Jack is awakened in the night by a noise. He’s not sure what it is. He sees smoke coming from the door and opens it. The fire is everywhere. Jack runs outside his room and grabs Randall. He brings Randall to his room and promises to go back for Kate. He makes it to her room, but the fire gets significantly worse. Kate is freaking out and sobbing. He vows to get her out. They manage to make it back to Jack and Rebecca’s room. Jack helps Rebecca, Kate, and Randall get down from the roof. Suddenly, they hear Louie’s cries. Jack says he can get him. Rebecca begs him not to go back inside, but he does anyway. Almost as soon as he goes back inside, the fire erupts. Rebecca, Kate, and Randall watch in horror as they come to realization that Jack may be gone for good.

Suddenly, Jack opens the door with Louie in his hands. He also has a bag of their personal belongings that he snagged on the way out. Is there anyone on this planet who is as good a person as Jack Pearson? Let me know when you find someone. The kids are understandably bummed about the house. “It’s just a house,” Rebecca says.

Jack is taken to the hospital and seems totally fine. He does have soot in his airways, but the doctor is impressed at how well he is doing given how long he was in the house. Jack also doesn’t want any drugs for his burns. He doesn’t want this to push him off the wagon. Jack remembers that he forgot the batteries for the smoke detectors. Jack and Rebecca both acknowledge that they forgot, but at least they’re all OK. Everything is fine now. Rebecca leaves to go get a hotel reservation and food from the candy machine. Before she walks away, Jack says, “Hey, Beck. You’re in front of the TV.” This is the last time Rebecca sees Jack alive.

Rebecca is on the phone when nurses in the background start running around. There’s something going on, but she calls Miguel so she can talk to the kids. She’s getting a candy bar from the vending machine when the doctor from earlier walks up to her. He asks her to sit down. He tells her that Jack went into cardiac arrest. “Mrs. Pearson, your husband has died,” the doctor says. Rebecca is completely stunned and can’t believe what she’s hearing. When she walks to Jack’s room, she sees his lifeless body and breaks down.

She pulls herself together so she can tell the kids what happened. A widow maker’s heart attack, the doctor told her. When Rebecca breaks the news to Miguel, he’s devastated. But she tells him that he needs to suck it up for the time being. This is not about him. When Rebecca goes through the bag of stuff Jack grabbed on his way out of the house, she finds the moon necklace. She puts it on and has never taken it off.

The Toughest Day
Back in the present day, Kate is watching the video of her singing that Jack pulled from the fire on Super Bowl Sunday. This is always a tough day for the entire Pearson family. The video catches in the player, causing Kate to freak out. It’s the only video she has of her dad. While getting it fixed, Kate opens up to Toby. “He died because of me,” she says. “Because in the scariest moments of our lives, he couldn’t bear to disappoint me.”


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