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The Interiod Designer

The Interiod Designer

What a waste!

October 30, 2017

All the waste thoughts are just making me feel bad. I stay inside. I dream of what could be, of what might have been – and I feel sad.

My motivation is gone. I feel too self-conscious and don’t want to venture out amongst others. I feel insecure. I feel it’s safer to be on my own.

But am I missing out? Yes, I’m missing out on so many things. I’m missing out on being with friends and family. I’m missing out on enjoying the days that are beautiful, and walking out on a rainy day. I’m missing out on laughing.

I’m missing out on living my life to its fullest. I’m missing out on learning more about myself and learning how to grow through the lessons life sends me.

When I think of what might have been, what went wrong, what’s to come, I feel lost. I feel depressed and hopeless, thinking of all the years that have gone by that could have been better. My thoughts take me to all the loved ones who have left me alone. I keep remembering them all and I feel hopeless.

But…when I remember all the wonderful times we had together that were so precious, I feel blessed.

I may be alone now but I had the best family. I had the best friends. I had a happy childhood and my mother and father loved me and cared for me.

I’ve travelled well throughout this big world, to wonderful places. I’ve had such great adventures that no one else could have had. I have these precious memories as well. When I think of these, I feel so much joy that my heart overflows – and I do feel blessed.

I know my life has been full and I have no regrets.

When I worry about what is to happen, I become weak. I don’t want to do anything.

This stops me from doing the ordinary things we all do everyday. I just sit there, dreaming out that window, thinking what my life could have been, if only I had been whole, if only I had been given the opportunities that others had, if only others had helped me.

If only I had had the ability that others have. If only…

But wait! I’m young. I have my life ahead of me. There have been so many new de-velopments that I can access to help me do all the things I want to do.

If I just extend myself that little bit and take the first step to ask for help, then I’ll be on my way to a better and richer life. I can learn many things.

Life can become interesting and fulfilling, if I just take that first step. I’ll do that! Yes, and others will give me a hand. I’ll make my life fulfilling.

And I’ll make the most of all the good qualities and talents that I do have. I can’t walk, but I can fly in my imagination.

I didn’t play football but I can write all that’s in my heart and help others like me, by inspiring them to take that first step of courage.

When I can see further than what lies within me from the past – my worries, my doubts about myself and about others and what is to happen – it’s as if something opens up. It’s as if I can see a new horizon. I can see more than what has been.

I can see what’s possible now. There are many more options I can see.

So, look up, look outside and see the possibilities.

Brahma Kumaris in Australia
The Brahma Kumaris have had a presence in Australia since 1975. There are centres and class locations in the major cities, as well as three Centres for Spiritual Learning, where courses, classes and retreats are held.

Brahma Kumaris Australia is a registered charity in the area of education (spiritual). All programs are offered free of charge as a service to the community. The ongoing operations are funded through donations from students and the public in the spirit of maintaining its educational services for the benefit of all in the community.

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