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The Interiod Designer

The Interiod Designer

When Life Gets Rough, Do These and Celebrate

October 2, 2017
Contributor - Ruby Tyagi

Ruby Tyagi is an Author from Delhi, India. She loves to write about anything and everything and so, contributes to a variety of portals like LinkedIn, Corporate Blogs, Web Content and Technical References.

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This definitely is to continue with my first post on LinkedIn ‘Ask For Help When You Need It The Most’. Asking the adorable people around, to help you propel across the bluest sea of despondence is not comfortable, but certainly worth it. Although, it is a different story that you ought to be vulnerable to do so.

It isn’t pretty cool to let people know that you are burdened and need help; especially when you observe everyone around is as busy as hell or is struggling their own affairs! But, as I share, telling at least someone your deepest fears and truest stories and asking to provide the necessary support is one of the most beautiful things you could do in times of hardship. That not only builds the trust or bring that someone and you closer, but also enlightens you to the limits beyond the box.

Anyway, there are a lot more things you could do to distract yourself from the thoughts that are rather pulling you down than pushing you forwards.

Enrol in a New Course:

Studying without the fear of giving exams and proving yourself to anyone else gives you a better reason to keep engaged. Getting enrolled in a course of your choice won’t only let you increase your knowledge or have expertise in your field of work, but will as well fill your mind with rather constructive thoughts. And just imagine what if you end up achieving the highest score in the batch or 100%! In fact, you may start with the Depression Management Course that will help you to cope with severe depression (if you are going through it). However, if the feelings of sadness are not that Spartan, better start with any informal course—learn a new language or join a skill based course at edX/MOOC.

Be a couch potato:

No not for ever, but be a sluggard for some time—a day, a week, two weeks…that’s it! Watching fun/comic movies, your favourite sport, spiritual programmes, or channels like Animal Planet is surely going to entertain you and make you feel better. Watch inspiring stories of people who have gone through the same emotions and have struggled their way to success.

Spend time with children:

One of my favourite quotes is, “A child is a father of man”. Children teach you lessons that you may not otherwise learn. Children teach you to smile at strangers; to play with just anybody and end up making them your friends for a lifetime; and to live in a present moment [despite the big, heavy bags on their shoulders, they study for a day and don’t ever worry about their life goals!]. They teach us to accept people as they are and if needed, to be obstinate enough to get what they want.

Be active on social networking websites:

Don’t deactivate your social networking accounts when you are feeling low or like not meeting anyone. Rather, spend more time on such sites; look at the bright, smiling pictures of your friends and family and try to be happy in their happiness. Post interesting statuses and start curious conversations with people around the site. Congratulate your Facebook friends on their achievements, or like that picture of someone you hated with her/his new Mercedes [get a little jealous inside and make a resolution of buying one for yourself the next year 🙂 ].

Get a new hairstyle:

Post a gorgeous picture of yours on the social networking accounts that you did not deactivate above. First, that someone you hated is definitely going to be jealous of you too [how could you be so happy without having a Mercedes?!] and second, the beautiful comments on your picture will make you fall in love with yourself.


“Nothing’s real, but all is possible if God is on my side” from Speechless by Michael Jackson is so true and inspiring. Chanting your favourable mantra (be it the Gayatri mantra or Mahamrityunjay mantra) and offering prayers to your God [irrespective of the religion you follow] helps you to connect to your innermost self.


Explore the parts of world, if possible, or of the place you live at. If you are more like me, there is a possibility that you still haven’t seen even the tourist spots in your own city! Get out and go around. Ask for help and if none accompanies you, go out alone.

Follow your passion:

You might be passionate about dancing, cooking, painting, photography, writing, or for that matter travelling! I mean, no matter what you feel passionate about or how weird your passions are, follow those.

Stylise your wardrobe:

Once I shared on Facebook “Fashion needs patience. No wonder, women are more fashionable than men.” 🙂 Jokes apart, not only get a new hairstyle, but also new clothes! Stylise yourself like Emma or Jay Gatsby do. Add colour to your closet and eventually to your life. [Read about thirty most stylish film characters here.]

Reset/Refurnish your room

Your personal room is the place in the entire house you spend more time in. Reset your existing furniture or buy a bean bag of your favourite colour. If possible, get your room repainted in a bright colour or get a wall pattern (you could make one yourself if you are a born Pablo Picasso!). Buy a new piece of furniture, no matter how small it is or keep a lush bonsai plant beside your bed so that when you wake up in the morning, there shall be something placid to greet you the best day!

Attend events

Attend events that are related to whatever you do. Be present at various seminars or presentations where you could meet like-minded people. Talk to them, listen to them and learn from their stories.

Go for walks

Take a walk in morning or stroll in evening and feel your surroundings. Spend time amongst naturals and experience the joy. Let the fresh air and tranquility enter your heart and fill you up with a hope that everything will be fine at the end. [Isn’t everything well that ends well?!]

And now, because the list may not end and I have to limit my words (I neither want to sound like a preacher 🙂 ), I share a couple of more things to do, in short:

  • Help people in need and consequently help yourself, for what goes around, comes around.
  • Eat delicious and eat healthy. Avoid overeating or junk eating.
  • Drink a lot of water or your favourite shakes!
  • Pursue a dream that you always wanted to, but couldn’t until now.
  • Book a room for yourself in a five-star hotel and spend a day there.
  • Take a power shower.
  • Pamper yourself like you may pamper the most special person of your life or your child.
  • Read, read, and read as much as you can. Read inspiring stories or romance novels. Read fairy tales. Read whatever!
  • Not only with children, but spend time with old people. They will have a lot to share from their life experiences.
  • Exercise every day—start your day with Surya Namaskar that helps you get enough intake of sunlight and fill yourself with the fire of it!
  • Meditate—a long walk, sitting in silence, visiting a temple every morning or evening helps you find solace within your own company.
  • Enlist the things you did through the day before going to bed.
  • Compile a list of your achievements, no matter how small they are.
  • Create a time table for yourself and follow it strictly.
  • Be with more positive people. Practice deleting negative people (whose everyday goal is to pull you or someone else down so that they could feel like going up) from your life.
  • Laugh a lot, a LOT!

And the last but not the least, BE MORE PATIENT because “Life is to be loved”, after all.

Picture courtesy: eskipaper

‘This post has originally been published on Ruby’s personal blog.’




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