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A Skillful Medium with a Golden Spirit

August 10, 2013

Imagine having a unique experience, a personalised wax painting, done by John Paul Sutton. Through his reading of your individual painting John provides you guidance on your life journey. As a recipient of a reading provided by John, I realized that his skills aren’t just limited to the wax painting. John is able to connect into one’s energy and provide spiritual guidance. Now, I couldn’t leave it at just that, could I! So, here is John spending some quality time with us.

(John enjoying the blessings of nature)

John, when did you first realise that you have the gift?

Guneeta, the gift evolved as I did the soul searching after I went through some major upheavals in my life. The way that it all evolved for me is that as I worked on my inner child fears and issues my gift got and is getting stronger and stronger. I teach people that they don’t have to go and find their gift as their gift is with them from the day they were born, however through the emotional conditioning and issues of firstly the child and then the adult we cloud our gift. I use the saying that the journey of enlightenment is the journey of enlightening the load. To empty our emotional backpack as such that we carry around with us every day. As we let go of these emotions we can the raise our vibration to connect to spirit as they cannot lower their vibration to connect to us. I teach people that yes we can go and do courses to learn how to raise our vibration however it is not sustainable as the emotional backpack will pull your vibration back down whenever there is an issue that presents itself. This is why some light worker have this on again off again connection with spirit. I now realise that my gift was always with me and I used it in some ways not realising that I had a gift. As a tradesman I could look at a plan and tell where every nail would have to go as such. I for a long time found it hard to understand why people could not see what I could see.

Do tell us about your journey~*~ from being accepted/accepting the self…to who you ‘are’ now, John

I grew up with a very controlling father, it was his way or the highway so to speak. At the age of thirteen he told me that I was nothing but a failure. This was his way of getting me to do things his way through control and manipulation. However me being me I was going to prove him wrong. I had my first business and got married at twenty-one, running my own joinery shop and employing up to thirteen people. I went through several businesses over the years, building them up and then having some dilemma as to why I had to wind them up and start over again. However I always had my tools of trade to start over again until in January 2001 someone broke into my joinery and torched it burning it to the ground. A tradesman without tools does not work so I could not start over without tools and had to do some soul searching. I also learnt that I do not have to prove myself to anyone that I have to be true to me.

(John, the infant)

In 1995 my father had not much work and I said that he could come and work for me, however after about a month I realised that he had taken my business over as though he was the boss. I said whose business is this and he told me that I was ungrateful and that I was no longer his son, packing up and not having any contact with him, my mother or my sibling for a considerable time. This was the best thing that happened to me as it freed me up to be able to be me, as I realised that I was trying to be the person that he wanted me to be.

In January 1996 my wife left me. This was not a big issue in itself however the not being able to see my six year old daughter every day was dramatic. This brought me to a depressed state of mind which I overcame very quickly. In March 1996 I was given the opportunity to go and work in Shanghai in China for four and a half months.

Guneeta, this was the start of my awakening however I did not know it at the time. As a teenager I knew I was gay however I got married because it was what was expected from me. In now accepting me I am now free with me. I have reached a place of peace within myself loving me for who I am and not being my own enemy. I am now free to be me.

John, do share with us any life changing experience

In December 2000 the bank took away my home that I built and in January 2001 my joinery shop (Selling, Manufacturing and installing Kitchens and Shop fitting) burnt to the ground. As a result I lost my tools of my trade and a tradesman without tools cannot work. Guneeta, as a result of this I went through dark night of the soul (Depression, going to bed of a night to fight a war in my sleep) for about three years. As a result of all of this I was led onto the path of enlightenment, guided to people to understand my gifts and free my inner child from his burdens.

Do throw some light on the process of ‘Medium ship’ & becoming a Medium, John

For me the process of becoming a medium is the journey of enlightenment. The journey of enlightening the emotional backpack that we have taken on throughout our lives. I believe that we are born with our gifts and that we get shut down as a child to then enlighten the backpack handing over our emotions to God/universe. As I worked on my inner child issues and handed them over my gift as a medium got and is getting stronger. I can now recall an experience that I had as a child where I was in Hospital to get my adenoids taken out for a second time at the age of five.

That and my tonsils were taken out at four however the adenoids grew back and had to be taken out as I was always getting cold and ear aches. I was put in a men’s ward instead of a children’s ward. The old man in the bed next to me died during the night and I saw him leave his body. I told my parents and the nurses and was told that I was crazy, therefore shutting down until I nearly reached the age of forty. Boy did I go through as the saying goes the change of life at forty, Guneeta.

(John, creating a wax painting for a client)

John, you have done a unique wax painting for me, do tell us about what is involved in it.

The wax art as an art form started from someone telling me about the Steiner crayons and how that Steiner schools get children to draw with crayons and then use an iron to blend the colours. I had an old iron at home and some oil pastels, so I experimented with them and ended up with an utter mess. Several weeks later I went to a craft fair in Maitland and saw a demonstration of wax art being done. This intrigued me and I was drawn to want to get an iron and wax to do wax art. I looked in my wallet and had the exact amount of money to buy the iron and wax. I organised a lesson in the finer point of doing wax art and I was on my way doing wax art with the intent of doing wax paintings and going to markets and selling them. However spirit in guiding me this far had other ideas. I started doing paintings and seeing things in them, doing paintings for my friends and giving them a reading with it. I decided to go to psychic fairs and do paintings and give readings of the paintings (First fair was in February 2003)

The way the paintings work is that I get a client to choose from the 47 wax colour blocks of wax (5x for A6 painting, 6x for A5 painting and 7x for A4 painting). From these colours I melt wax onto an iron much like a travel iron. Then I glide the iron down a sheet of gloss card creating an abstract type painting. For me when I pick the iron up it is like I step back and allow spirit to step in and create the painting. When the painting is complete I then polish the painting with a tissue to bring a shine to the painting. From this painting I then proceed to give the client a channelled reading. The movements in the wax and the colours that they have chosen tell me all about the person. The first time a client gets a reading from me I usually give them a life journey reading, that is a reading from the day they are born to the day they die. Basically the paintings are a map of someone’s life done as an art form. Then people come back on a regular basis to get a twelve month update. I have been doing the wax art readings for over ten years now and have done about 14,000 readings in this time.

Guneeta, I have had some amazing experiences with the paintings over the years. One experience was that I did a reading for a lady and she brought her husband to get a painting from me twelve months later. I saw them six months after that and they were all excited about how both of their paintings joined perfectly, colour and paten matched. Over the year the amount of people that have given me feedback about how their painting has change has been numerous. This is due to the fact that the painting is a painting done to a person’s energy and as their layers in themselves change the layers in the painting changes with them as the painting is a painting of that person’s energy.


Where to from here, John?

I am currently travelling around Australia doing psychic fairs (I did 48x shows last year)

When I am home I am writing for a series of books in which I am doing wax paintings in a more constructed way from the reading type paintings. One of the books is on colour and how colour works. I have about 30x book titles in my head in which I would like to in time complete.

I would like to take my readings to other countries such as America. I believe that there is no one else in these countries doing anything like what I am doing.

I have a vision of me standing on a stage talking to thousands of people. I believe that in sometime in the future I will be on a stage teaching the principals that I am now teaching to my clients when doing my readings.

I would like to create a healing retreat or something like this in the future.

And on a personal side I would love to travel and learn about different cultures and their belief system from around the world, which will be good research for my books that I want to write.

Guneeta, in all I would like to teach the understanding of the world that I have learnt about. The realisation that there is a world that we can see and that there is a magical unseen world of spirit that is there to help us to evolve.

It has been delightful, through provoking and empowering to talk to John. Here is his website for you: www.johnswaxart.com

Guneeta Kaur, Spiritual Medium