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Abhinay School all set to perform in four plays in Short+Sweet festival

January 28, 2014

Short+Sweet Sydney theatre festival is the world’s largest festival of the 10 minute plays. The annual festival of 10-minute Short+Sweet plays started in Sydney on January 8 and will run through to 3 March at the King Street Theatre, Newtown. It provides audiences with exciting and contemporary works that challenge and entertain.

This year this festival boasts 170 short plays – chosen from more than 1200 entries from all over Australia and internationally –and showcasing the talents of 320 writers and directors and more than 450 actors. This year, Abhinay School of Performing Arts Inc. will be presenting four plays in Short+Sweet Festival.

“Oh India! (wildcards) to be performed in week 5, Written by Cindy Neilson and directed by ShouryaNidhi, provides an outline of a young Australian woman touring India who hires a rather charismatic tuktruk driver in Delhi to take her to her destination, the journey ends up far richer and more relevant than her intended destination.”I wish to formally acknowledge the wonderful support and guidance of AishveryaaNidhi and the Abinhay School of Performing Arts in producing and directing the play ‘Oh! India’. To have the involvement of such a prestigious arts institution is an unexpected privilege indeed.’,Said Cindy Neilson.

The Job Hunter (Top 80) in week 6, written and directed by RidwanHassim, is about Wolfgang, a passionate German Nationalist Socialist, who works at the Nazi Job Agency, interviews Amina, a devout Palestinian Muslim; he is forced to confront his status quo. What will he do? “The choices we make define who we become,” said Ridwan.’ I am very honoured to be part of Abhinay School, said RidwanHassim.

100 years of Indian Cinema in 10 minutes (Top 80) in week 7, conceptualized and directed by AishveryaaNidhi.is a tribute to the Indian cinema. One hundred years ago, when DadasahebPhalke, the father of Indian Cinema, released his epochal feature film Raja Harishchandra on 3rd May 1913, it is unlikely that he and distributors realized they were unleashing a mass entertainment medium that would hold millions in sway for the next hundred years.’ This production is a tribute to the world’s largest film industry, which has withstood the test of time against all odds”saidAishveryaNidhi

Irish Stew (Top 80), to be performed in week 8, written by Cary Pepper from USA, it is the story of Lauretta and Carton, who getting on in years, are losing their facility with language. And their short-term memory isn’t what it used to be. But years ago they made a decision to not rage against it. So, physically agile but mentally short a few key nouns, they let it take as long as it does to find the shoe Lauretta keeps asking for. And amidst all the false starts that are oh-so-common now, they remain patient and loving”, she adds.

AishveryaaNidhi has made tremendous contributions in the field of arts through her theatre work while promoting the community and encouraging the community participation.

She is the only Indian Australian actor to be nominated for Best Actress award for Short and Sweet.Under her able guidance, Abhinay School was awarded ‘Best quality of ITC’s from one company ‘and also ‘Best saved play’ in 2011.‘Imperfectly Frank’ was third in audience choice in Short + Sweet, Sydney, Top 80- 2013, while another play ‘Quarantine’ was third in audience choice in Short + Sweet, Sydney, Top 80- 2010.

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