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Anzac Day 2015

April 26, 2015

For all those who missed to watch the ANZAC Day March today, we at Desi Australia ( www.desi.com.au) have captured some of the glimpses for you.

The annual march to commemorate Anzac Day attracted a crowd of thousands who turned out to watch current and former service men and women march down George street in Sydney.

This year marks 100 years since the first landings at Gallipoli. Large crowds cheered and honoured a record 20,130 participants as they marched along George Street in the Anzac Day March.

Operation Lionheart, a high-visibility policing strategy, was established to provide a safe and secure environment for Anzac Day events throughout New South Wales.

Operation Lionheart Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mick Fuller, praised crowds for behaving responsibly and respecting the significance of the day.

“We saw some of the largest Anzac Day crowds in Sydney today and it was pleasing to see people marking this significant milestone in the history of the ANZAC,” Assistant Commissioner Fuller said.

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