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Australian Telangana Forum Condemn Indian Central Govt. granting special powers to the Telangana Governor

August 14, 2014

We as Telangana organisation in Sydney strongly oppose Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) giving law and order special powers to Governor and disagree with Telangana State opposition leaders supporting Modi govt’s decision.

Recent Telangana agitation under KCR’s leadership successfully ran for over a decade peacefully. Telangana youth sacrificed their lives for the cause of separate state of Telangana,but never attacked or discriminated anyone.

Recent events give the impression that centre is hell bent on destabilising TRS government which is otherwise peaceful and rapidly progressing.

Since independence many new states have formed and Telangana is facing a peculiar situation which no other state has faced. BJP claims to have created 3 new states, why is it different now. Where is the need for MHA to assign law and order control to Governor (who is a nominated person) when there is democratically elected government in place. This is totally against the constitution of India.

Law and order is a state subject and cannot be infringed by central government.

These sort of actions only create more instability and differences between the people of two regions. It is unfortunate that our opposition party leaders are supporting the centre’s action.

World wide Telanganites, Telangana organisations should unitedly oppose the actions of the central leadership giving law and order special powers to governor by writing to national and state media, opposition leaders and other elected bodies and bring their attention and stop these actions by Modi govt which is against the constitution of India.

Released by -General Secretary and Media Correspondent:

Dt. 12-Aug-2014.