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Be Fearless

January 28, 2013

Fearless does not mean less fear, But Fearless means beyond Fear!

Life is dynamic and values the truth of effective actions.
Many a times ,Fear gives you not only negative but many positive, potential aspect to analyze its causes and effects.

Do not feel feared about what others think about you and your activities, since you have your own brain to apply to solve your own problems effectively.

Forgive those people who do not understand you. But God wants us to meet new people in our life. Fear journey is advantageous to pass through the realm of SELF. Fear helps us to know about our energy and strength to care our families, our neighbours and the earth.

First of all, become the student to be life, long learner to understand the causes, distractions and activities which make you fearful.

Fear is a frost which does not allow your brain to act in right perspective.

Live in a company or follow your good role model who has conquered fear and how ?
That may help you to balance in your life between inner exploration and outer involvement ,time alone and time with others, work and play.

Feeling fear is sure sign that you need to step back and engage in self care to regain your equilibrium.
I watched a TV commercial advertisement of a cold drink,”Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai.”..There is victory beyond fear.

Try to know, gather and analyze all the parts of a situation in Whole. This will enhance your mental powers.
The fear may be of financial crisis, height of the building or the depth of the ocean.

Please do not feel deprived, ignored and neglected. Remember and see how an innocent child builds a sand castle and then break it laughingly.

We all should live naturally and follow the universal laws. No body is fear free fully but some people nurture their mind in such a way to face all situations like an innocent child.

Sometimes we think that others are more blessed than us . But we forget to count the blessings God has bestowed on us.

Life is a mixture of smiles and tears, No worldly shadows causes a fear to Lord Shiv who drank the poison (Received from the churning of ocean),The Lord Rama (designated King of Ayodhya ) who was exiled for fourteen years, Lord Krishna (Who was born in jail and brought up by another woman Yasoda),Siddartha Guatama ( who became skeleton) to become The Guatam Buddha.

The situations ,events and time may or may not be in your favour always. But one of the greatest human quality to ADAPT is always in your hand.

One should never forget that reaching at peak ,we have to return on our base at ground.

And This reality of life helps us to Be Fearless.

By: Jawahar Gupta