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Beauty Sins…..continued from April

June 7, 2014

How many of us fall in the trap of following beauty trends not just with fashion but make up too. Media has been talking a lot about Aishwarya’s and Sonam’s dress and make up looks from Cannes Film Festival. There has been talk about the L’oreal products used on them by L’oreal make-up artists (both celebrities have endorsement deal with L’oreal) You have to agree both looked stunning. There could be quite a few of us out there who fall for the celebrity trends and add products to their makeup collection as they see on runway’s. Who would not want to look like Ash but what looks simply amazing on her may not be the right product to add to your collection….In my quest for the right red lippie….yes even I have ended up with two red lipsticks from different brands in my make up collection. Only one of them is value for money as the other lipstick bleeds on to the skin if applied without a lip pencil. Rather than mindlessly following trends look for what suits you. It must have taken a couple of hours and a few professionals to get these women ready for their appearance on the red carpet. Do you have the same time and support??? Take a few elements from the runway on beauty trends and mix them into your current look.

Eyebrows make a huge difference. They frame our eyes and provide structure to our face. Seen those thin sharp eyebrows or the ones where a brow pencil has one too many strokes. Hold off on over plucking or over filling of the eyebrows. Go slow when tweezing your eyebrows or make your requirements clear to your beautician who is threading/waxing them. If extra hairs get pulled out you will waiting on these to grow before you can correct the shape again. Super fine eyebrows age a face. Apply eyebrow pencil with restraint or hold off completely. Brow kits are a better option or use a matte eye shadow in brown/dark brown for South Asian skin colouring and fill in with an angular eye brush and gently fill where skin is visible in your eyebrows.

Finally, the right Make up brushes are essential in getting the right look. Would you use a blush brush to apply foundation or vice versa. Each brush in a basic make up brush kit has a specific use. Some brushes may have dual use like the blush brush can also be used to apply bronzer . If you are not going to apply a highlighter or illuminator or buff….you do not need to add extra brushes to your kit. A basic kit is a good start and slowly add brushes to your kit if you find there is a use for them in the looks you want for yourself.

Need a personal make up lesson or have products in your make up kit and need ideas on how to use them, engage Sonu from Sonu Sodhi Hair & Make Up Design.

Contact Sonu on 0416 103 160 or email info@sonusodhi.com.au. You can also follow her by liking her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sonusodhimakeup

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