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Belief and Confidence

August 15, 2012

It was a weekly meet in the town to pray for the rains to save us from the drought. There was no respite from the scorching heat. Then after a deep thought, the Holy Wise Man said,” Next Sunday, It will rain.

Everybody started laughing to see a girl with an umbrella on that sunny hot day.

The girl humbly submitted that she had brought umbrella to protect her from rain.
It was only her firm belief in the words of the Holy wise man. But other people doubted their own confidence.

The girl told them that she is not a part of this vast ocean but ocean herself.
Then a middle aged man said, “It is a question for ourselves. Let us try to find out the outcome with our faith. Since to believe is a special gift. To believe in and feel the pure energy around us all the time, is even more of confident Divine Gift. Its positive cosmic vibrations are felt by the self realized soul”

Now Wise Holy man stood up to say his prayer in the community. From nowhere the thick cloud came thundering and started raining slowly to torrential to quench the thirsty fields.

By Jawahar Gupta

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