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Caring Cruise Party

March 28, 2014

‘CARING CRUISE PARTY’, organised by Guru Nanak Free Kitchennette Sydney on Saturday, the 22nd of March 2014, won the hearts of many a spirited souls for as promised it was certainly a day of fun and frolic for those young at heart 65+.

GNFKS believes, “Senior means SEEN YEARS and they know better than us, we look for guidance to them. Seek their blessings, they have all to give us, they are a Mine of life experiences, each one of them holds more than what internet holds for us to learn. They are More Young at heart than us, we care for them and SALUTE them”.

Starting at Huntleys Point Ferry Wharf, the ‘Caring Cruise’ set sail for a day full of ‘Aha!’ moments along the Sydney Harbour.

Mohinder Singh Bawa, “First of all I appreciate the organisers because they are providing the seats to the seniors. Dancing and singing is good. A program to entertain us seniors and we really enjoyed it. This program should be twice a year”.

Suresh Joshi, “22/3/14 will be the most memorable day as I am enjoying first picnic abroad. Association who has arranged is really very good. You have brought our youth (jawani) for a day. My wife had bypass surgery but she enjoyed dancing herself and taken part in it. Best human nature I found in this picnic (cruise). All the best to organizers”.

Quiz Masters Kamini & Gaurav

Everyone made the most of the fun activities onboard~ trivia quiz by Kamini Raj singh and Gauravkapoor. Dance by NEPINDO dance group, DJ DesiRockstar (free of cost), singer DheerajPanjwani, seniors duet, seniors dance, poetry by GauravKapoor and compering by Lucky Singh. There was a question answer session on retirement, free books given to people to know about their retirement rights.

Singer Dheeraj Panjwani

The seniors were acknowledged as an AGELESS ACHIEVERS, the UNSTOPPABLE POWERS. GNFKS believes that there is a growing need of acknowledging our elderly people and supporting them with love and respect for their good work done in the community. GNFKS is of the viewthat Life begins at 60 and they are RETIRED but NOT TIRED in making a difference in the lives of people around them. They are an Inspiration and Motivation for all of us. They have done a remarkable job to make this world a beautiful place to live in.

B.A. Shah, “I enjoyed very much. Food was tasty. Arrangement of tea/coffee etc was good. It should have a bigger space in future. Names of volunteers should be displayed on shirts”.

Dave Passi, “Well organised cruise. Food of Maya da Dhaba was delicious. weather was good. We enjoyed the cultural programme. Well done Lucky jee and team”.

Five senior citizens facilitated o n the day are~ Mrs SantoshVerma, Mr JagdishChowdry, Mr Dave Passi, Mr M.P. Singh and Mr Jan Burrie..

Singer Dheeraj Panjwani

Lucky Singh shared, “Growing older is a privilege which is denied to many people. Your principles and values are a source of inspiration for the present generation.Our youngsters should take advantage of your experiences. We care for you and salute you. For all of you who continue to accomplish, and have shared their love, wisdom and guidance with us, we owe to all of them and thank you”.

Jasbir Kaur/ Inderjit Kaur, “This is the best cruise, well organized and caring I have ever attended. All the best wishes for the organisers”.

Manmohan Singh Baveja- “It is not a cruise but an excellent celebration of seniors. What an effort!, extended entertainment of high quality gifts. It is an example of dedicated service and sewa”.

GNFK Sydney vision is to follow the path of humanity, selfless service and kindness to achieve success in a key principle called SARBAT THE BHALA means WORKING TOWARDS THE COMMON GOOD FOR ALL.

It initially plans to operate quarterly, serving food, clothing to the homeless and poor residents across Sydney and taking care of our Senior citizens.

GNFKS, “For us this project is not missionary in nature, instead it is an opportunity for us to extend this as a true spirit of helping those in need regardless of caste, colour creed and economic status. Our volunteers are the heart of this project and people who really want to serve the community can be a part of this project. They can help us in many ways like financially, physically, mentally, morally with their precious time with their valuable ideas.We are a group of like minded people who want to serve the community with passion and selfless motive. Our team comprises of-Kamini Raj Singh, Lucky Singh, Balbir Singh, GauravKapoor, Amar Singh and Harvinder Singh”.

Gurdev Singh, “Hospitality, entertainment, breakfast and lunch excellent.I t would be better if launching of cruise is from approachable place and sufficient seats for passengers are provided in future”.

EllyRancis (Australian), “The most beautiful experience, cruising the harbour in the company of wonderful people.

Thoroughly enjoyed the music, food and culture. Thanks to the hosts”.

Sponsorship and support, “Wherever we went and asked people to contribute and donate for this noble cause, people from all walks of life came forward. We have Aussie Indians as well as Aussies coming forward and donating for this worthy cause. We are overwhelmed by their support, monetarily, physically and morally”.

GNFKS received amazing amount of support for its Seniors Caring Cruise from Thomas and Naaz group of medical centres, Dr.Nadeem, Dr.Saluja, DesiHatti, LajuBhojwani, Sydney Conveyancing, Minto Cellars, Woodville Cellars, Milan Bazaar, Richard Baxter of Portland, Centrum Printing, Hope International, Yen Berry of Rylstone, NEPINDO Dance Group and DJ DesiRockstar.

One of the main sponsors was~ ‘Patel Brothers Group’, recognised as one of the most prominent Australian Indian business group of companies with ventures in retail, real estate, media, import-export, entertainment, travel, media, franchise restaurants in Australia and India and the latest being the 5 star facilities of ‘The Grand Marion’ in Harris Park.

Mr Sanjay Patel owner of the Patel Brothers Group emphasized upon the fact that he was there at the ‘Caring Cruise’ to support a worthy cause and not market his brand.

Sanjay Patel facilitaing Dheeraj Panjwani

Patel Brothers Group’s commitment to the wider Indian Australian community
lies in creating more jobs, providing platform and bonding for new families, supporting community members, sponsoring community events and associations and creating a beautiful multicultural social bridge between Australia and India, not to mention buying resources from Woolworths and donating it all to The Salvation Army.



The delicious snacks and lunch were provided for free by Maya the Dhaba-authentic Indian delicacies from samosas, mixed vegetable pakoras to dal makhni, navratan korma, matarpaneer, naan, rice and gulabjamun.


Anonymous, “The name very appropriately kept ‘Caring Cruise’. Lot of caring and sharing by a daring team with incredible and unmatchable bearing”.

GFKNS, “We are coming up with another noble idea very soon for the wider Indian Australian community~Stay Tuned!”

Compiled by Guneeta Kaur

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