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Catch 22- Love / Attachment

March 29, 2013

As per Brahma Kumar Con, attachment is a mental state. It is a relationship we have with someone in our own minds. When we become attached to someone we use their image to fill our mind. We find our thoughts are constantly filled with their image and the memories of their behavior.

Loving conversations over a cuppa

It is not that we should never think about others, it is more about thinking about others only when it is necessary, and as we do so, to make sure we don’t lose ourself in their image. This will finally free us of dependency.

Symptoms of attachment can be found when there is any personal desire or expectation of the other person. Desire causes the change of the energy of our love into fear.

Brahma Kumars

We need to remember that we are already a source of what we have been taught to need and desire. Attachment desires, love never desires and it has no expectations. It doesn’t need to!

As soon as we have any desire from others, or expectations of others, and our happiness becomes dependent on the desire or expectation being met, we are already giving birth to fear and anger, otherwise known as negative emotions, otherwise known as stress, otherwise known as suffering.

Brahma Kumari Jaine & Brahma Kumar Con

Love never causes pain, attachment does.

Love sets us free~*~So, soar high!

As shared by Brother Con with Guneeta Kaur

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Guneeta Kaur, a Spiritual Medium

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