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Charity Event to support Rajvir kaur

September 1, 2014

Charity event for Rajvir Kaur (victim of mushroom poisoning) was a collective effort by the Sydneysiders to raise funds to help her with her medical expenses.

Heartfelt thanks to all those who came yesterday to support this noble cause and heartfelt thanks to all those who could not come but still made their contribution. Nearly $5,000 were raised by yesterday’s event and the contributions are still pouring in Rajvir’s Bank account touching to over $55,000

The event was full of cultural items, dances & songs would not have been possible without the efforts of the artists and volunteers. The beautiful pair of ladies shoes was donated by Jewellery Hub and was auctioned along with the , Makeup and Hair package provided by Sonu Sodhi . GFKS ( GURU NANAK’s Free Kitchennete Sydney) donated a cheque of $501, Suresh Belani donated $500.00 collected from the Ganpati pooja at his palce on top of the personal contribution made by him.

Thank you to AU Broadway Manpreet Kaur, Fully Sikh Amar Singh ,Swastik Institute of Dance, Sumati Swastik Dance , Nidhi Khatter Dream Palace Decoration, Dimple Deez Desi Entertainment Productions, Mini Gandhi , Riaz Shah Sydney Shobha Ingleshwar, Priyanka Pripri ,Virasat Folk Academy,Trijna Giddha Group, Ankhie Heer Bhangra Group,umer, Jagpreet Grover , Cheryl Khurana Nitin Madan , OzIndian Lucky Singh , Gagan Bindra Paul McKenzie, Jewellery Hub Rajwant Singh, Sonu Sodhi ,Harleen Ruban Sohana, Nirdosh K Singh Kuki, Malini Mistry, Ruban Sohana ,Sameer Dhawan ,Manjit Singh Chopra, Guru Dha ,Sahil Sood and all those who supported the event.

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