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Consider What Comes First

November 5, 2012

Cultivate the habit of Surveying and testing a prospective action before undertaking it. Before you proceed, step back and look at the big picture, lest you act rashly on raw impulse. Determine what happens first, consider what that leads to, and then act in accordance with what you have learned.

Suppose you wish to win at the Olympic Games, you would have to follow a strict regime that stretches to you the limits of your endurance. You would have to submit to demanding rules, follow a suitable diet, vigorously exercise at a regular time in both heat and cold and give up drinking/smoking. You would have to follow the directions of your trainer as if he or she was your doctor.

Then once you are actually in competition, there is good chance you’d be hurled into a ditch. You might injure your arm, sprain your ankle, get your face slammed in the mud and after going through, you might still be defeated.

After you have contemplated all these possibilities—mindful of these things that might happen and their consequences if you resolve is still strong, then exercise your judgment.

If the Overall picture still seems beneficial, then do enter the Games——
By considering the Big Picture, you distinguish yourself from the mere Dabbler.

A half hearted spirit has no power, Tentative Efforts leads to tentative outcomes.
So be honest with yourself. Clearly asses your strength and weakness.

Proficient in the performing arts, drama or theater or a man of science and technology, demands its price.
Make the necessary sacrifices that are the price for worthiest of Goals; freedom, even mindedness and tranquility.
So Understanding that you can’t be flying off in countless directions, Focus your goal. You can be only one person either a good person or bad person. The Choice is yours and yours alone.
So Always Consider What comes first, then what follows and Then Act to Achieve Your Goal.

By: Jawahar Gupta