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Depend on Good Actions Not on Addictions

March 18, 2013

God has filled in you all the Divinities.
Your habits create your reality. The wise Brihadarayanaka Upnishad words are….
You are what your deep desire is,
As you desire, So is your will,
As is your will, So is your deed,
As is your deed, So is your destiny.

Hence make your life, simple, pure and Divine by living addiction free life.

To eliminate addiction, you must heal the mind first. If you are struggling with addiction but can’t seem to kick that nasty old habit, then It is always better to change your life . Addiction can take over your life. The roots of addiction form in the mind and take over the body. If you want an addiction to die, don’t feed it . If you want to change your desire for an addictive substance, see its ugliness.. The addiction could be of drugs, smoking, or excessive caffeine intake. Change your thought process and your addiction will no longer have power over you. Your Will Power and regular ,constant and happy deeds will help to banish your addiction. It’s time to take back your life.

Your Will Power masters how to:

Live an addiction-free life in a holistic way.
Restore healthy habits
Use meditation and mantra therapy to gain a deeper sense of your inner self.
Solve your addiction problem by confronting it head-on
Permanently keep the addictions away by building a strong will power.

On achieving your self goal of freedom from Addiction, please continue the simple living free from all inner and outer hazards.

Live openly and Talk about your good self to all every day. Thank the Divine for Her Divinity,

By: Jawahar Gupta