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Disco Singh (2014) | Punjabi Movie Critic Review By Path Preet Singh

April 11, 2014

Star 3 out 5

Director: Anurag Singh
Starring: Diljit Dosanjh , Surveen Chawla

With all honesty I can say Punjabi movie industry is improving and growing from technical prospective but still industry have to bring more and put more thoughts into story line and characters.

Movie starts with typical Punjabi style where Lattu (Diljit a hero) ,a Punjabi boy wakes up from nice n warm dream, Audience can predict first scene easily. Like other movies, Lattu is dancing and trying to touch and hold Sweety’s hand (Surveen Chawla lead actress).Once Lattu came out from his the dream, he begin blaming god with his funny style.

First half is good, I found second half was bit stretched N repetitive.

Punjabi movie directors shouldn’t take audience granted like other Punjabi movies in the past. I found movie ending was messy. I do understand  that the director would love to show happy ending, but he overlooked his responsibilities and duty as director that he should concentrate i.e Movie content or quality  ,I felt director left ending monotonous .

Content was ok, when we say content that means. Story line, laugh punches, dancing, cinematography, real characters.

I did enjoy Diljit, B.N. sharma, Karamjit Anmol.

Diljit or directors should start working on his other strengths when it comes to acting, I can say he was repetitive in his acts that might harm his acting followers.

Disco Singh is totally power-driven by Diljit. He romances, dancing, sings songs, gives speeches, cry and, of course always had his darling dialogue “Je kismet hove chuddo te kee karega bournvita da dhoodho “

Path Preet Singh
Film Critic
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