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Diwali Fair 2014 at Paramatta Park

October 28, 2014

Article By: Lalitha Chellappan
Photo Credit: Balzinder Balz (Official Photographer of Desi Australia)


read on if you were one of  the 25,000 attendees and read on if you weren’t

The largest ever Indian event held in Australia, the Diwali Fair organised by the Hindu Council of Australia at Parramatta Park, was a treat to the eyes as much as it uplifted many moods and spirits.
Those who attended this event sure would not have missed not being back home to enjoy the most significant and widely celebrated festival in India. Do not lose heart if you could not make it; we are here to bring you moments and glimpses of the Fair right at your doorstep.

The scorching heat was no deterrent to an incredible turnout of over 25000 enthusiasts; no other Indian event in held locally in past has witnessed a streaming crowd of this scale.
The big day was Sunday the 19th of October which transformed the beautiful Parramatta Park into an Indian mela (Fair) of sorts: a plethora of colours, festivities, music and dance, coupled with fun and frolic, freebies and what have you, one didn’t want to be elsewhere!
Given the parkland surroundings, people were seen carrying rugs to relax under the shades of trees or wherever they could find a spot, thus making the best of picnicking as well as celebrating Diwali (also known as Deepavali) – the festival of lights.

Local artists had opportunities to showcase their talent as they confidently faced a large crowd, just as the kids had a whale of a time with plenty of joy rides to choose from. Numerous Henna design options had women and young girls alike queued up to get their favourite designs done, while the customary Rangoli competition saw quite a few artistic skills come to fore. A variety of stalls offering delicacies, snacks and drinks ensured the attendees stayed energetic and hydrated through a hot sunny day.

We at Desi.com.au had a Red Carpet photo booth set up for the general public, busting the myth that only VIPs and celebrities have the privilege of stepping on a formal Red Carpet. Public loved the concept, and the poise and style with which they had their pictures taken may well give some ideas to models on the ramp.

A key highlight of this event was a symbolic celebration of the victory of Good over Evil, in the form of burning a 40ft effigy of Ravana. This was accompanied with fireworks lasting almost 15 minutes, lighting up the sky.

A day full of entertainment thus came to an end and left us wanting more. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Diwali may well have left many from the Indian community feeling nostalgic being away from home turf, until the Hindu Council’s Diwali Fair enabled them feel at home right here. Parents went back home proud in the knowing that they could provide their children with the same festive ambience that exists in India on Diwali. It is wonderful that their children being raised here can have the best of both worlds, thanks to organizations such as the Hindu Council that are keeping the rich Indian culture and traditions alive overseas. The Fair had something for everyone, festivities and fun being the common theme.

The team from Desi.com.au is honoured to be associated with this event as online media partners. We are already looking forward to an encore next year!
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