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Don’t Worry ‘Be’ Happy

August 21, 2012

Even in this day and age, science is still struggling to find a cure for a few life-threatening diseases. Well, hopefully one day they will succeed. However, there is this one ailment that every human faces at one time or another, yet science doesn’t necessarily have a cure for, it is ~ ‘Worrying’.

The worst thing is that this ailment can be contagious and can spread without any kind of physical contact–faster than the speed of light. The fact remains, we do not even need a cure, its wide spread can be stopped at an individual level, simply by being ‘aware’ enough to ‘let go’ of attachment to its outcome. But before we even get there, we need to understand what lies behind this thing called ‘Worry’. Here is what Margaret Goodwin, a Raja Yoga Meditation teacher (Western Sydney for the Brahma Kumaris Australia), has to share.

“We are all connected in a subtle way. And with those we are close to, family and friends, this connection goes very deep, from birth to birth. That is, we have been together from birth to birth, and, as a consequence, our karmas and karmic accounts are also intertwined.

I have four grown ‘children’. One day my younger daughter contacted me. She was alarmed and told me: “This time Mal is REALLY in trouble.” It was so bad that she couldn’t give me the details. I’m used to the boys getting into trouble, but this one worried me. I couldn’t get the worry out of my head. So I tried to call my son. But there was no answer. So, I continued to try, and try, to call him. But there was no answer.

This REALLY worried me. Feeling helpless, I put my son into the care of God; I call Him “Baba”. Then, I continued to worry. Still there was no response. Still I worried. So, I put him in God’s care yet again, and, then, again. But I didn’t feel any better. Why?

I thought about this. Then, I sat in meditation, truly connecting with my sweet Baba. I had a Heart-to-heart conversation, asking: What’s going on? Why am I still feeling so bad about him? It was funny, but by just asking Baba directly, I realised that he is not my son. He is my brother soul who is with me in this birth because we have been together before, probably in different roles; husband, daughter, sister, brother, father.

Then, I realised that he is Baba’s child only. “Sorry Baba he is not my son to give you. He is eternally Your son. I don’t even have a right to give him into Your care. He’s not mine to give.”

And so I had given up the attachment that was giving me that deep sorrow. I freed my son from that chain of attachment. Within minutes, my daughter called me. She was amazed and clearly delighted. She just said that friends had come from everywhere and helped Mal and his situation is now cleared. Everything is alright.

I understood. My attachment had locked every friend and my son in a stage of worry and so inaction. My worry was the trigger, and my attachment was the gun. When I released my grip, everyone else was then free to act. I was the one who was stopping help coming.

So, I set myself free, and I set my son free”.

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By Guneeta Kaur