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Eye Spy by Sonu Sodhi

February 17, 2014

Eyes can make a huge statement be it a day look or an evening look. Here are my tips on what helps in getting the desired look; 

Eye Primer
Just like a primer for your face, primer for the eyes helps create a good base for eye makeup. Using a small amount distribute evenly over your eyes with a makeup brush. Being a cream product, set it with translucent powder to prevent creases  from forming on your lid. When eyeshadow is applied over it, you’ll find the colour is stronger and long lasting.

Eye Shadow
This is one product most of us will he come in contact with. This can be your best friend or it can create an impact for all the wrong reasons. Experiment with colours and different looks at home. The kind of eye makeup looks that will work for you are based  on the shape of your eyes. Are they open, closed, hooded, doe eyes etc and how old you are. Shimmer on eyes would not be recommended for a mother of the bride but matte or mineral eye shadows would be the preference in getting a beautiful, polished look. Eye shadows can be applied in different styles and the most commonly heard terms are colour wash, glamour eyes or smoky eyes.

Eyelash Curler
This product is amazing for those who have straight lashes. Make sure the lashes are free of any product and use the curler to clasp them near the roots. Hold gently for twenty slow seconds and then gently release. Be careful to pull away from your lashes before releasing your curler. Doing this regularly will help you achieve the perfect curl and give your eyes a more open appearance.

Used properly, mascara should be a girl’s best friend. With the different ranges available in mascara from volume to extending your lashes etc., the right one needs to be picked- are you using it in the day or night. Apply mascara from the base of your lashes by dragging your mascara wand through with a slight side to side movement to ensure lashes are separated and fully coated. This movement can also create extra volume. If any nasty clumps of lashes have joined together, use an eyelash comb to separate and remove excess product. To apply to your bottom lashes wipe the wand with a tissue to remove excess mascara and move along your lashes.

Fake Eyelashes
These come in two forms. Bars – which are a full row of lashes or individuals where a small number of lashes are combined to a single point. M.A.C also sells half bar lashes to intensify the outer corners of the eyes and you get similar results. Individual lashes are great to get a natural look by simply applying three to the outer lash line, while bars are great if you wish to create impact. Using eyelash glue, apply a small amount of product to the bottom where the lashes are joined. Wait a couple of seconds before applying as this allows the glue to become tacky and prevents them from sliding off.

If using bar lashes, line them  to eye line sticking from the curve and working outwards. With individual lashes, apply from outside in and as far as you want to go.

My professional make up kit carries all these products and for the eyelashes I use human hair lashes that give a dramatic and “wow” look. Applying eyelashes needs practice and though tricky, it can be mastered in time.

Any worthwhile beauty skills take practice and learning how to line the eyes is no different. Look for a soft yet firm tip in eye pencils to get the best results. There are gel and liquid eyeliners available too. Deciding on what product to use is a personal choice but further advice can be obtained from beauty counters or in a makeover with a makeup artist. A product that lasts all day should be the one to be included in your make up kit. There are different ways to apply an eyeliner. Is it for a day look or an evening look and what is the shape of your eyes. What application style will complement you depends on how you apply and what other products are put in use when doing eye makeup.

Practice with my given tips or why not book a personal makeup lesson.
Contact Sonu on 0416 103 160 or send an e-mail to info@sonusodhi.com.au

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