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Freedom Comes From Understanding

September 10, 2012

For good or for ill, Life and Nature are governed by laws that we can’t change. The quicker we accept this, the more tranquil we can be. You would be foolish to wish that your children or your spouse would live forever. They are mortal, just as you are, and the law of mortality is completely out of your hands

Similarly, it is foolish to wish that an employee, relative, or friend be without fault. This is wishing to control things that you can’t truly control.

It is within our control not to be disappointed by our desires if we deal with them according to facts rather than being swept away by them.

We are ultimately controlled by that which bestows what we seek or removes what we don’t want. If its freedom you seek, then wish nothing and shun nothing that depends on others, or you will always be helpless slave.

Understand what freedom really is and how it is achieved. Freedom is not the right or ability to do whatever you please. Freedom comes from understanding the limits of our own power and the natural limits set in place by divine providence. By accepting life’s limits and inevitabilities and working with them rather than fighting them, we become free . If on the other hand, we succumb to our passing desires for things that aren’t in our control, freedom is lost.

So conform your wishes to reality to understand and To Get Freedom……….

By Jawahar Gupta