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Fugly (2014) | Hindi Movie Critic Review By Path Preet Singh

June 15, 2014

Rating 1 out 5

Watched “Fugly “… 1 out 5 … pull Jimmy Shergill out from movie, whole project will collapse … not a good plan with family N kiddies … used sleazy and abusive language.

Movie in One line, four friends stuck in bad deal with Jimmy Shergill (corrupt policeman), he exploits them and four of them trying to get rid of him during whole movie.

Director tries to go on “Rang de Basanti” path but failed badly. I found something very artificial about whole movie. In beginning, as an audience, I thought movie will be focusing on eve teasing or women issues in India .I am sure director lose the whole movie plot and did blunder mistakes in execution.

Filmmakers describe F-ugly as `Fighting the Ugly’. As a critic I really don’t understand, why they require abusive language, why characters having cigarettes with no demand from characters, why youth has to burn them in front of India gate to fix corruption …bad message though. It’s too late for a whole team to understand that Youngistan is intelligent enough, moreover don’t require these kinds of topic anymore.

If producers could have concentrate on story line with conveying positive message towards youth generation, film might work.

In the second half, I felt bit stretched and monotonous as audience was dead. I found characters played were dull, most of them don’t qualify for acting.

Music is really bad and off beat, not up to mark .Even “Lovely” the Item song failed to impress.

In India, film might work as we have enough population to kill their time, Australia I doubt. Fighting the Ugly’ becomes really ugly, still trying to find reason why they have chosen name as F-Uglyyyy. Salman n Akshay didn’t appeared, must have decline … Hard to find out … Fugly Ugly kya hai?

Bollywooders you can skip this one.

Path Preet Singh
Film Critic
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