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Gautam Koul aka G-LuV

April 1, 2014

Gautam Koul aka G-LuV started his journey as an entertainer at the age of 12. Being a shy and self-conscious child who got heavily bullied from the ages of 12 to 16, his only friends where his parents and his TV. He got inspired by Bollywood films and took the initiative of stepping outside his comfort zone and started dancing and acting on stage at numerous events. Gautam was fully committed to proving to everyone that had put him down, that he was going to be someone that they dreamed of being. All his haters acted as his motivators in this journey to success. As the years progressed he grew as an artist pouring his heart into his work and taking his talent to the mainstream. By the age of 18 he had well established himself in Canberra as a self-taught hip hop and Bollywood dancer whose main source of learning were YouTube and Bollywood films. During his time at university he got featured on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” and he also started heavily involving himself into acting, by undertaking NIDA courses and participating in short films. By the time he was about to finish his university, his talent got recognised by an international dancing choreographer, Flexystu. Gautam got the opportunity to work as an assistant choreographer on a Bollywood film with Flexy in London. During his time overseas he traveled the whole of Europe for over 3 months dancing, teaching, busking and learning from all sorts of people. This trip has been documented in a YouTube video where Gautam confidently dances in front of famous European monuments.

In early October, 2011, on a late Friday night while casually watching television Gautam saw a commercial on television regarding a show called Bollywood Star, a show that would go on to completely change his life. The commercial was about auditions coming up for anyone interested in becoming a Bollywood Star. Gautam instantly jumped at this opportunity and made sure that he does whatever it takes to attend these auditions.

When at the 1st day of auditions, Gautam was intimidated by all the talent that surrounded him, but he kept faith in himself. With some talent and luck, Gautam managed to move higher in the competition and was picked to be in the top 6 and be flown to India and be trained by the best dance and acting teachers in order to impress Bollywood film director to potentially be in his film.

Gautam ended up becoming a finalist on the show by being in the top 4 and was the last male standing in the competition. Even though Gautam didn’t end up winning the competition, since then Gautams artistic profile has kept on growing, where he has had the opportunity to work with Bollywood directors, teach dance, model and play lead roles in short-films.

Gautam is a completely unique and original individual who has a passion to perform and brings happiness to people’s lives. He has a completely different outlook on life, a unique story and a unique future.

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