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God’s Gift of Life

November 18, 2012

Our sincere prayers are always heard by God.

Prayer is not asking, it is longing for the soul and admission of our weaknesses.
In our Prayers we should have a heart without words than words without heart.
Man asked the God, “Give me everything to enjoy life”

God replied, “I have given you life to enjoy everything.”

Understanding each situation, event and action makes us more wise.
There is no need to move the sun to bring light in the dark room, just open your window ,light will be instantly there, and our world will be brighter and more beautiful.

Always do all work with love as you are performing each act of worship to your beloved God. Nothing but your positive thought, lovely mind and clear heart make you more acceptable and adorable.

Happiness lies in freeing the bird from the cage, not keeping in binding.

Higher you go, cooler it is, but for some there are more pains who wears the crown. There is no need to go away to distant places to great beauty and tranquility ,where suffering and pains do not exist. All lies within us. Just open your eyes.

There are two ways to live life:
“You can live as nothing is miracle.
You can live as everything is miracle”.

Both these ideas are very inspiring to sustain our life to do better than yesterday to make this universe more pleasant place to live in.

Beauty, Prosperity and Time -all will pass away, nothing remains, but only the fragrance in the hands of the person distributing the Roses.

Every person observes in his life, some night “No Moon”, some night “Full Moon”. Everything is planned by the Divine Laws.
So Gratefully Enjoy the “God’s Gift of Life” and try to Thank God for each and every thing He has given us including the smallest atom of His Presence.

By: Jawahar Gupta