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Gurdas Maan Sydney Show 2014

September 28, 2014

Gurdas Maan show in Sydney was a very well organised show with a well behaved crowd.
Maan ji sang a combination of his songs from slow to fast, tape, challa, dil da mamla hai.
Listening to Luk ship jana took me down the memory lane and his song "Cycle" definetly connected everyone to their childhood.

The novelty of the show was Gurdas Maan ji sinigng "Heer" while playing piano on the stage.
Through his singing he reminded people never to disrespect the parents and to take equal care of the daughter as the son.

He ended the show thanking everyone for coming and blessing everyone with good health.
Congratulations to Baskar Ratnam and Latha Bass for organising a successful show.
Looking forward to his next show in 2016.

Photo Credit : Balzinder Balz
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