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Happiness – A Way of Life

January 4, 2014

What would you say if someone said to you ~ Count your blessings every single day. Make a list and keep adding to that. Create an awareness of gratitude and witness your heart open up. Once you are ‘there’, you can share this treasure trove of happiness with others and witness your’s continue to grow and overflow…’

What would you say when someone asked you, ‘How well do we know yourself? Allow yourself to go on the beautiful journey within. We hold the power within ourselves, the capacity to create a most wonderful world around us. We are creators; the quality of our world is a reflection of our inner state, so by elevating our consciousness we create an elevated world. When our connection is with the Divine we are able to catch his love, power and protection’.

What would you say when its explained to you~ “Why should the thought, ‘I am a peaceful soul’, be any more beneficial to me than the thought, ‘I am a body’? We need to understand that this thought, ‘I am a peaceful soul’, allows me to become detached from the roles that I play.

This word ‘detached’ does not mean distant or isolated. Nor does it mean that I become an uncaring observer. It simply means to have the consciousness of being an actor. I play my part with great enthusiasm and love, but I do not let the expectations, burdens and worries of outside situations or other people affect my own understanding of who I am, a peaceful being.

In fact, the word most often used in conjunction with ‘detached’ is ‘loving’ so that the feelings I associate with detachment are not distaste or lack of concern, but peace, love and happiness.

As I become ‘soul-conscious’, aware of my true nature of being ‘a peaceful soul’, I bring this lightness of consciousness into my everyday life so that whatever problems and obstacles come in front of me, I deal with then easily and effectively.”

The one walking her talk is none other than Brahma Kumari Jayanti bahen (sister). Born in India in 1949, BK Jayanti’s family moved to England when she was 8 years old. She began her life ́s path of spiritual study and service with the Brahma Kumaris* at the age of 19.

As an emissary for peace, for the last 45 years BK Jayanti has had a vision that is truly global and deeply spiritual. She is a spiritual leader for our times; contemporary, exudes practical wisdom and truly connects with people.

BK Jayanti sees the erosion of spiritual values at the heart of the underlying cause of the crises that the world is facing today. She has worked tirelessly to promote positive, human, spiritual values to all sectors of society.

An elegant speaker, BK Jayanti delivers a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western education and culture; imparting the deepest spiritual truths with the utmost clarity. Her prominent lecture themes have included health, education, racial harmony, women ́s needs, religions of the world, peace and international relations, all of which have generated much media interest. See below for list of notable presentations.

Women’s Needs She was a delegate to the International Women’s Year Conference, Berlin in 1975, which heralded the start of the United Nations Decade for Women, and women’s issues have remained especially close to her heart.

Interfaith BK Jayanti is an advisor to the Council for the Parliament of the World’s Religions and gave a major presentation at the Parliament itself. She is also a member of Executive Committee of the World Congress of Faiths and is a member of the Advisory Body of the International Interfaith Centre.

BK Sister Jayanti in Sydney Australia 30 Nov – 4 Dec 2014

On the weekend 30 Nov-1 Dec around 200 BKs enjoyed a special retreat in the Blue Mountains which was deep, powerful and entertaining. Sister Jayanti was welcomed by an Aboriginal elder who shared the specialties of the indigenous people who used to live in the area. There was a dance from the West, a dance from the East and then the whole BK gathering sang a song for Jayantiben, “I Believe in Angels”. Sister Jayanti then shared a very deep class about memories and the part they play in our past story and present transformation.

Sister Indu was a part of Sister Jayanti’s class on ‘Healthy Relationships’ and this is what she has to share:
Essence: Our Relationships are Healthy when we have Baba between/among us. Within the family lokik or Brahmin our Relationships are Healthy when we are aware of the fortune of the family. Sister Jayanti mentioned how Dadi Janki always talks about the LOVE of the big Brahmin family in her classes along with messages from Baba expressing her love and talk with Baba. All of this is very significant and helps us learn the importance of healthy relationships within our families and our society.

When we are in Satyug we have ABUNDANCE of everything. People have BIG HEARTS because their hearts are FULL. And all that we actually EXCHANGE there is Love, Respect, Happiness, etc.. Because there is the FULLNESS in the soul, there is NOTHING that one wants. All one sees around is love.

The Hindi word for this is ‘SAM-BANDH’, which beautifully describes that there is absolutely NO BONDAGE. It is only later in Copper age that MAYA takes over and Ego, Anger, Lust, Greed and Attachment come into play. And even though we do not want it, but it continues.

UN-Healthy Relationships give us a feeling of being a VICTIM. And why does someone become a Victim? It’s because they are getting something very limited from human beings.

Solution: When Baba is giving me the power then I do not have to take from any human being.

The reality of today’s world (KAL-YUG) is shocking. Looking at the statistics in London, there are more single parent families than normal families. In England, there are more people in second marriage. Even in India, there is such a big influence of the western society. The breakdown of parents causes greater sorrow to the younger generation. So at the end of Kalyug, Baba has a big re-pair job. Of course he is our Laundry-man, Boat-man… and also now the Repair-man.

How does he do this massive Repair:

1. He does this by being our PARENT. What an exceptionally PERFECT parent!! Giving us un-conditional LOVE, our inheritance. No questions asked, what so ever!!

2. He turns it around and asks us to make him our child. Having Baba as my child, taking responsibility for his work. It’s our turn to do something for Baba.

3. He teaches us how to be a good STUDENT when Baba comes as our SUPREME TEACHER.

4. Along with all the other relationship, Baba teaches us to be a GURU-BHAI. As a Guru-bhai, we are brothers of the Guru and can be guide for others.

So we need to ask ourselves: Is that what I am doing now with my lokik and Brahmin family?

Sweet RESULT: Once you have settled the Karma, then there is just HAPPINESS, an appreciation of the fortune of the family.

The BK gathering enjoyed one another’s company and experienced the royalty, humility and wisdom of Sister Jayanti. They also enjoyed the lightness and sweet nature of Sister Alka and Sister Jagruti who accompanied Sister Jayanti. Alka and Jagruti became BKs over 30 years ago in London as young children and now help out a lot at Global House.

Late on Sunday Sister Jayanti went to Sydney and early on Monday morning she met 20 journalists; not for an interview but a meditation session. It was held at “The Ideas Vault” which is a unique round building near Fox TV studios. She gave a short talk followed by meditation, more talk and meditation, taking the audience on a journey. The questions asked were mostly about how to meditate and some participants will follow up with enquiries at BK centres.

From there Sister Jayanti went to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Radio National studios for an interview with Dr Rachael Kohn on a show called “The Spirit of Things”. The show explores spirituality and religion and this was the first time BKs have been featured on the show after nearly 39 years of activities in Australia. Rachael had done a lot of research and asked deep and penetrating questions about spiritual knowledge, lifestyle, celibacy and diet. In the end Sister Jayanti led a powerful meditation commentary which was very much enjoyed by Rachael and others listening in the technical booth.

On the East Coast of Australia the interview was aired at 6pm Sunday 8 Dec and 1pm Tuesday 10 Dec. The audio can be downloaded at https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/spiritofthings/5141040

That evening there was a lovely program in the York Theatre in Sydney for around 500 people. The whole evening was beautifully produced, beginning with lovely music from Sam McNally and Armando Hurley. Dr Stephanie Dowrick introduced Sister Jayanti with love and warmth and set a beautiful context for the evening. Sister Jayanti began with silence and took the audience on a journey with some chat, a meditation, more chat and another meditation. The aim was for the audience not just to listen but experience. At the end of the evening Charlie asked the audience how many experienced something and 90% put up their hand.

On Tuesday morning Sister Jayanti went to the Channel 10 breakfast show ‘Studio 10’. The show is filmed in front of a small studio audience with a panel of five presenters. Sister Jayanti was announced like a celebrity and walked through the doors with flashing lights and a fanfare. On screen her caption read ‘Sister Jayanti, meditation guru’.

The atmosphere was of a very high energy but as soon as Sister Jayanti sat with the five presenters everything became calmer which they immediately noticed and commented on. She led a two minute mediation and a few of the presenters had a special experience. It was obviously something very different for them. A 4 ½ minute video of the segment can be seen at https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/studio-10/extra/season-2013/3-dec–finding-your-inner-peace

For a change of pace Sister Jayanti then went to the famous Bondi Beach for a very quick breath of fresh air and then to the ABC radio studios again where she recorded a 45 minute interview for a programme “The Serenity Lounge” that explores Happiness. It was a very powerful and deep interview that will be broadcast nationally.

The interview with Sister Jayanti by Terry Robson from the ABC Happiness Show will have its first national broadcast on national local radio on Australia Day, Sunday 26th January 2014 at 9:35pm. The frequency is 702 in Sydney, 774 in Melbourne etc. or people can go here: https://www.abc.net.au/local/ to find their particular station or listen online.

The Producer wants to do a meditation course as a result. Sister Jayanti then went to the BK centre in East Sydney where Sister Conny Dietzschold and a team had invited around 80 professional women to meet. There were three speakers; Sister Jayanti, Scarlett Vespa who has spent most of her working life in film and media and Allison Shreeve who was a four time world wind surfing champion. It was a very rich sharing and dialogue mainly around the challenges of life and what gives the strength to overcome them.

In the evening 100 invited guests met in a beautiful room on the edge of Sydney Harbour for a lovely evening around the theme of Inner Power. The evening began with a beautiful song from opera singer Tim Collins. Sister Jayanti shared some wonderful stories and spoke very openly of the power one gets from a connection with God, such as the power of peace and the power of love.

On Wednesday morning from 9.00-9.30am she recorded an interview and meditation for inflight radio on Qantas Airways. It is scheduled to be available to Qantas flight passengers from March to April 2014. From the interview she went straight to the airport to fly to Brisbane. Her schedule was so full that even the last interview had to be put back half an hour so that she could catch her flight.

Brahma Kumari Jayanti’s role with the Brahma Kumaris is very broad:

Based in the UK: director of the BK lnternational Co-coordinating Office based in London, Global Co-operation House, Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire and is the Director for BK Centres in over 3l countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Global Administration: At a young age she helped establish BK Centres in London, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, Japan, South Africa and several European countries. These days she supports the overall co-ordination of BK Centres in more than 100 countries outside of lndia.

BK UN Representative: NGO representative to the United Nations, Geneva for the Brahma Kumaris, participating in UN conferences and projects connected to women, development, the environment, youth and other major international projects for the United Nation’s e.g. the lnternational Year of Peace. In this capacity she has undertaken extensive research into the Brole of spiritual values in world change.

Speaker: She is a much sought after public speaker and broadcaster on a worldwide scale. She is an eloquent speaker who captivates her audience not just with her wisdom and depth of spirituality, but also her soothing voice. She has recorded hundreds of meditation commentaries. Refer to list of key presentations in Addendum.

Author: has written several inspiring books on spirituality in daily life.

Teacher: BK Jayanti’s day-to-day work includes spiritual teaching and providing spiritual guidance to the many students of the Brahma Kumaris.

Here is Brahma Kumari Jayanti talking to you:

*There are more than 8,500 centres of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University www.bkwsu.org located in 110 countries, where one can study spiritual knowledge that nurtures respect for all faith traditions, coherently explains the nature of soul, God, time, and karma, and delineates an enlightened lifestyle. The Brahma Kumaris practice and teach a form of meditation that relaxes the mind and nurtures a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. Through numerous social service activities and partnerships, we promote spiritual understanding, leadership with integrity and elevated actions towards a better world.

Compiled by Guneeta Kaur

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