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Happiness is a personal choice

March 8, 2014

The search for happiness consumes our lives. Many of us continually postpone our happiness – indefinitely. We tell ourselves we’ll be happy when we get out of school, get our first job, when we have a nicer car or a better house. The truth is that there is no other time to be happy than right now.

This article

  • explores the journey to overcome expectations and desires
  • forget the past
  • to not depend on the future
  • to live in the present and
  • to not ask for happiness, but, instead create and share it.

Happiness cannot be achieved through material objects. Happiness means to be mentally or emotionally healthy. It is a state of being in which I feel comfortable.

In challenging situations we lose our happiness, because we have been living in the illusion that the external situation decides our inner state. When we blame external situations, other people or even God for our current state of mind, we cease to take responsibility for our own creation – our thoughts, words and actions.

We always have the power to create positive thoughts, irrespective of the situation. In every situation we have a choice. Either we empower ourselves or become vulnerable to external situations. Everything we are doing in our life is for happiness but we need to check who is creating that happiness: situations or us? We should work towards maintaining inner stability by not getting disturbed by others’ behaviour. We need to stop evaluating others.

Happiness depends on our thoughts. Thoughts are the source of my feelings. Thoughts are conversations with ourselves.

If we create positive thoughts, we will feel good and positive.

To change the way we think, we must know the source of our thoughts. Our thoughts depend upon the information that we feed our mind and our past experiences. Our thoughts play an important role in creating our destiny, as shown below:

I choose not to focus on the situation, but instead, I think: How can I respond differently to that situation? When our belief changes from “I want happiness” to “I am happiness”, having the experience of happiness becomes so much easier.

The simplest way to experience happiness is to have a positive talk with oneself at the beginning of each day.

Passing judgment on others, criticising them or having expectations of others leads us to frustration, reduces our energy and finally draws us away from the experience of happiness. Happiness and fear can never go together. Where there is attachment, there will be fear of losing someone or something. With fear in a relationship, pain and hurt become natural. I cannot love others until I have learned to love my own self. When I take care of myself, everything else is taken care of automatically. When we are not dependent on others for our happiness, there is freedom from fear and we become natural in our dealings with others.

Being judgmental about others draws us into their roles and our energy gets drained.

Let us experiment by not being judgmental for one day and see how relaxed we feel.

When we do not judge others as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, we accept them. Acceptance means we accept that they are different; it does not necessarily mean that we agree with them. The energy we create, while interacting with others, is the foundation of our bonding with them.

Live in the Present

By living in the present and focusing on inner progress we conserve energy. We have the habit of looking for happiness in the past or future. Each time we remember the past, we experience the same painful emotions all over again. Self-empowerment is the only way to protect ourselves from negativity. Forgetting the past is actually the only way to make sure that it does not repeat.

“Who am I?”

When our focus shifts from body-consciousness to soul-consciousness, the exchange of energy is based on respect. This affects our state of being and also our relationships. The most destructive belief is that “I am this body or this position” or “I have this status”. In Raja Yoga meditation this fundamental belief system is challenged by the idea that I am not this body but I am the soul, who is the master of this body. We are human ‘beings’ not human ‘doings’. We do not need to ‘do’ anything to feel happy, as we are originally complete and happy. Raja Yoga meditation changes the answer to the question: “Who am I?” Meditation changes our belief system and then transformation of thoughts becomes natural. It becomes a lifestyle.

Every morning check the quality of your thoughts and consciously create positive and powerful thoughts.

Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey.
Happiness is not tomorrow; it is now.
Happiness is not a dependency; it is a decision.

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