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Health is Wealth……… Kaya Kalp

February 11, 2013

Kaya Kalp is Sanskrit word true to its meaning .Kaya kalp is rejuvenation of mind ,body and Soul.

During the period of Kaya Kalp,wether the person is diseased or free from all diseases is aimed at cleansing of mind and body thereby purifying soul through the best healer that is Nature.

Perfect Health and Peace can be attained and maintained by observing the simple rules of nature

(Naturopathy).Yoga,ayurveda,accupressure,physiotherapy,chemotherapy ,all in holistic approach as in;
Change in Diet, change in Healthy Life Style, learning new positive arts of living.

Staying in serene, peaceful ,healthy atmosphere ,free from air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.
Shedding off the Toxins from the body, try to restore lost equilibrium with the help of Natures Five elements like Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space.

Many people now enjoy their holidays for Kaya kalp.That is very Good Healthy sign in this mechanical life to Rejuvenate.

To achieve wholly healthy ,happy and peaceful life ,the time table should be designed with positive and healthy activities from morning till night.

Yoga consists of eight fold principals of Patanjali Yoga.

1. Yam; Social disciplines, Yam means restraint .It contains five moral practices, — Non Violence– Truthfulness–Non stealing–Celibacy(Moderation in sex in married couples)e–Non Acquisitiveness

2. Niyam; Individual disciplines. Rules of conduct towards oneself which are both physical and mental, These are five in numbers, –Cleanliness (internal and external purification of body and mind)–Contentment ,– Austerity or Penance,–Self Study,– Surrender to God,

3. Asans ( Posture of the body)

4. Pranayaam ( Breathing Control)

5. Pratayahaar ( Discipline of senses)

6.Dhaarna ( Concentration)

7. Dhyana ( Meditation)

8. Samaadhi( Supreme Happiness free from pleasure and pain is experienced. It is the climax of Dhyana)

Before starting yogic exercises, must do Sookasham Vayyam ,loosening exercises like joints and muscles.

Dyanamic Yoga…….Ashtang Yoga unique movements through the sequence of pose produces heat which means produce sweat.The Sweat is both cleansing and purifying .As you progress more deeply into practice, toxins held in deeper layers of muscles, tissues and internal organs are also released .The power of the breath draws the mind in on itself and joins mind and body together.Breathing control and body awareness is the foundation of Life.

Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of medicines.Ayurveda is a science of life.

Ayurveda emphasizes prevention of disease, rejuvenation of our body system and extension of Life span.

In Ayurveda (Mind) Consciousness and (Body) Physical mass not only influence each other—-Together they form the Mind-Body.

The universal consciousness is an intelligent aware ocean of energy that gives rise to the physical world we perceive through our five senses.

There cannot be good mental health without physical health.

The Sound mind in a Sound body.

Know yourself before knowing anything else. Use any of the Life style but be realistic to achieve your best happy, peaceful and serene Healthy Life, Health is Wealth.

By: Jawahar Gupta

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