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June 20, 2014

Hindu Temples App: www.HinduTemplesApp.com

Have you ever driven all the way to a temple’s doors and found it is closed for the afternoon, or wondered on a birthday or some other auspicious time which is the nearest temple to your house? Next time there is an occasion to go to a temple, wonder no more because now There is an App for that! Visit www.HinduTemplesApp.com Hindu Temples is an iOS app dedicated to helping you find God somewhere near you.

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The website www.allhindutemples.com and the connected iOS app have a directory of over 2000 Hindu temples outside India. For each of these temples the site also has their address, phone number, and opening hours and other details.

By converting it into a Mobile App, devotees can now have the complete worldwide database right in their pockets, by default the app locates the temples closest to your current location but you can also go on a worldwide virtual journey looking at Hindu temples all over the world as pins on a Google map.

You can also register through the app and upload Photos / comments to the temple listings, or upload religious events happening in temples so more people can know about them. Temple managers can claim the ownership of the temple listing and update it with whatever details they choose.

The app/ website’s founder Hari Iyer said that the app is a result of months of dedicated effort from a worldwide team trying to make sure the contact details and information for each of the temples is correct. He also spoke about the future plans of the app to cover temples all over the world, including the Thousands of Hindu Temples in India.


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