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Hope Makes the Life More Beautiful

November 14, 2012

Raadha was reading from the book to her grandmother at bed side,
” The Hope is something that brings the sun to the shadow of your life.
It is our link to better tomorrow. Never say something is impossible.
Things are at most unlikely But never impossible,
So never give up before trying,”
Are you listening to me?,Grandmaa!,Raadha asked.
Yes dear Raadha ,don’t stop reading,Grandmaa said.

“Learn to Listen the opinions of others and Learn to admit your mistakes.
Be Humble and always faithful to God, you are one of his soldiers and are here in the pursuit of happiness of yours and others. Parma Anand, The Fountain of Bliss.
Look for it, It is with in you.

” Life is beautiful and Hope should never end nor should end the love that exists with in us.
What counts is not the years in your life but the life in your years.
When you go through some tough time, Look to the sky and say ;”The Lord is with me and will help me. Pray! He gives us the greatest gift of all::LIFE
We Should not forget that everything happens for a reason, We may like it or not!.
But personally never forget to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff,
Until you make pace with who you are, you will never be content with what you have.”

The Guru in His Guru Kul (Open Forest University) was welcoming the new students,”I am delighted to know that you people have renounced the worldly comforts to learn the new technology and old wisdom systems . I know that it seemed impossible for some but more easy for you being more free, fearless and energetic with positive energy, Blessings to you,” You are the shadow of Omnipotent, Good Things are coming to you, you started to walk on the road of hope”.

Grandma ,One man was complaining, Raadha said.
He asked ,”Why have I received only this.”
The Voice replied,” Only This will lead to you That.”

Guru ji said,” My love of light is my spiritual will. Within it is the power of Infinite, I give Fear no place in my life.”
Are you listening to me grand mother,Raadha asked.
” Yes dear Raadha, You are telling me the Full power of Hope and Mind.
I want to breath in the Light And Breath out Love Till I Breath Last, Thank you Raadha.

Raadha smiled with a natural way to hug to her grandma.

By: Jawahar Gupta

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