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I was crowned by the Queen herself

November 22, 2017
Contributor - Sanjana Suryawanshi

Sanjana Suryawanshi has a background in Communications (UTS) majoring in Social and Political sciences and Media Studies.

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Dreams do come true is the motto most of us live by and Ayushi Dixit is one who can say that true words could not be said.

Crowned by her very own idol the gorgeous Sushmita Sen, Ayushi proudly won the Miss Melbourne Glamorous title in October. Beautiful, talented and hardworking, Ayushi has had a long and enjoyable journey to her title and she has a message for all the other young women who are chasing their dreams.

Working nearly 60 hours a week between two jobs to support herself and her family in India, Ayushi leads a very busy schedule that leaves little time to pursue her own hobbies, however, she hasn’t let that stop her from achieving her dream of starting a career in the modelling industry. And what a start she has made! Having always had an interest in the modelling world, Ayushi came across Limelite Nights who host the Miss Melbourne Glamorous while browsing the internet one day. Deciding that she did indeed wanted to chase her dreams, she contacted the organisers of the event. The event being only a few days away, she decided that next year would be her year and enrolled herself in the program in 2017. Apprehensive about meeting other contestants and unsure about the attitude, she did not attend the meet and greet before the competition. However, her fears proved to be wrong when she started her training with the other contestants. Rather than be competitors, the contestants ended up becoming close friends.

Facebook chats, coffees and shopping trips became a common feature amongst the contestants who came to depend on each other for support throughout their journey and Ayushi identifies this boosting her confidence, helping her achieve her goals and keep her focus. Instead of being a competition, it was like she had gained family.It wasn’t a competition in a traditional way either, with Limelite Nights really looking after the competitors, proving amazing training and building up the skills and confidence that the contestants needed for such a competition.

Winning the Miss Melbourne Glamorous has brought a lot of responsibility for Ayushi and she has a strong message for other young women chasing their dreams. She says hard work, dedication and passion is what will help you achieve your dreams and it’s definitely not an easy journey. But if you are dedicated, put in the sweat and blood and stick through to the end, any dream is achievable and the steep trek upwards only makes the victory that much sweeter. In the Indian community, there is also a sense of negativity and prejudice attached to the modelling industry, which Ayushi herself experienced with her own mother not wanting her to do modelling. She says like every industry modelling does have it negative characters but ultimately the choice to do something or make your stand is in your hands. Her strong words of advice for young girls is to trust their gut instincts and if they feel at a disadvantage or in a vulnerable position, she need to be assertive and stand up for themselves.

As Ayushi moves forward and takes on the responsibility that comes with the crown. She is looking to motivate and mentor other young women in their journeys. She can be contacted through her Facebook page and is glad to sit down and have a chat. We can also catch her doing some exciting photoshoots building up her profile as she starts her career in modelling. But despite starting an exciting and busy life she looks forward to continue being the person she always has and to meeting people and making lifelong friends along the journey.

Facebook page links:
Aysuhi Dixit : https://www.facebook.com/Ayushi-Dixit-Miss-Melbourne-Glamorous-2017-227039147833955/?ref=br_rs

Limelite Nights : https://facebook.com/limeliteNightsEvents