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Ispirit’s Modern Muse Collection

June 18, 2014

The word ‘Modern’ does not necessarily mean showing off skin or walking around in over-the-top expensive designer clothes. Modern could mean a woman who is stylish and in line with what’s in vogue, yet entirely aware of her roots. A strong willed go-getter is what a modern woman is and that’s the kind of woman Ispirit makes clothes for.

If you are modern, if you know the difference between what’s right and what’s not and if you have it in you to stand against any form of injustice – you are our muse. Our modern muse. And this collection is dedicated to you!

Ispirit’s Modern Muse collection has a wide range of sarees in Chiffon, Georgette, Chanderi, Nylon, Tassar, Cotton, Kora and Dupion fabrics. As for the colors, you can choose anything from the shade of sunrise to twilight, to the green of your garden, to the pink of your cheeks. The collection aims at a lot of color entwined with modern designs. The brocade and floral patterns on the saree keeps the traditional feel alive.

We’ve got colors to match every mood and suit every occasion. And when there’s no occasion, you can buy apiece just like that and show off some curves.

Our modern muse collection is a perfect gift for your girl friends. If you are a guy, chat with us and we can help you pick out the perfect saree for your wife or girlfriend. If you are girl, time to shower some love on your friends.

Please also check with us for same design, different color options. We might just be able to bring about solidarity with a dash of uniqueness to a wedding or bridal party.

In a nutshell, our Modern Muse collection gives you the liberty to pick and choose from various fabrics, amazing combination of colors at prices that are the best in the market. Few clicks and you’re all set!


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