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It Starts with Me!

November 21, 2014

You want to change the world.
But, wishing, won’t change it.
We have to do something.
But, what can we do?

We can change.
Politicians and negotiators spend all their efforts trying to get the other side to change, while they build up their armaments and their resolve never to change.
Has this created peace in the world, or war?
War and more war.

Can I make a difference, if I change?
How can I make a difference, there is only one of me?

Many ones make many.
It starts with one; one light.
One light can light many others.
You see, each one of us influences the atmosphere, and influences those around us.
Have you ever been at a party and someone walks into the room, and everyone turns to look at them.
They may look ordinary. But you don’t notice that.
It’s their magnetism; their charisma; their energy.
Some have it!

In fact, we all have it; this personal energy that attracts.
But we may not have developed it. Or we may be hiding it away under an invisible mask.
We, the soul, known as Atma in the East, are living energy. We are emanating energy all the time. But the energy we send out depends on our state.
If we are happy, we send out light, happy energy.
If we are fuming with rage, we send out heavy, threatening energy.
If we are our true self, full of enthusiasm for life, we attract others to us. This is positive energy resulting from a positive state of being.

I can arrive at work dragging my feet through the door, wishing I were somewhere else.
And then, what kind of a day am I going to have?
The answer; a depressing and very long day.
And, besides that, I will bring everyone else’s state down with me.
It won’t be a happy place to work.
Or, I can arrive at work, full of enthusiasm, with plans of how I shall tackle each task and bring it to completion with a positive outlook.
Then, I will not be an obstacle holding others back. My energy will not block others. They will feel unobstructed and free to enjoy their day.
Energy goes into the atmosphere and we are all influenced by the atmosphere that surrounds us.
We are souls, living energy. We live in energy.
If we are struggling to progress through negative, heavy energy, we will not get far.
Positive energy is light and flowing; it flows to positive outcomes.
It’s easy to work in a positive atmosphere.
But, how is the atmosphere created?
Who creates it?
We do.
How do we create it?
Through our thoughts, our attitude, our actions, our words, our face and through the energy we emit.
When we have negative thoughts, negative feelings come. Then our personal energy is easily lost.
Where do we get energy from then?
From others. We drain others and bring them down.
How do we do this?
Through our words. We say: I wish I wasn’t here. I am unhappy. Complain…complain…complain.
This brings others down and so we take their energy.
But eventually they too are drained. So, this is counterproductive.
To increase my energy, I must change my outlook to positive.
Then, I am not draining others. I am making the atmosphere positive for myself and for others too.
This raises the energy in the atmosphere.
Everyone benefits.
A smile, positive thoughts and attitude, encouraging words give support to others to become positive also.

The solution to world conflict… well, I’ll leave this for another day.

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