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January 2015 Monthly Horoscope

January 2, 2015

2015 is going to be an active year but you will find your share of hurdles and possibilities of some personal pressures throughout this year. The high points of the year would be a very active career and professional outlook. Opportunities would be extremely high. There would be good amount of turnover in professional possibilities. Opportunities of being very good at deal making and finding some very profitable ventures for yourself. Lot of new opportunities in terms of new business areas or professional avenues would open up during this year.

Focus as the year opens might also be high on your home, chances are that you would be making a move away from home or making major changes at home that could bring in expenses or modifications compared to what you have been experiencing before this. This period of change and churning in domestic matters will continue till the 8th April 2015. Beyond July 2015 you will find your mental capabilities will expand and there would be very high level of creative talent. New ideas, new projects, huge big opportunities and major projects would all be available for you during the period beyond July 2015.

This is also an excellent year for children. In case it is applicable, you could find possibility of birth or conception of a child between July and December 2015. Mostly this period will also see travels and high amount of periods where you might be distant from the family. Besides these events you might find health and general vitality could be down. The general level of hurdles in life could also increase steadily during this period. You may find spouse also experience greater amount of trouble compared to the past. These challenges might tend to multiply after the 15th March 2015 and the period till early August 2015 would bring in issues and difficulties in life in general.

You should avoid getting into new projects, making major changes or even being away from home or being away in difficult or hostile circumstances after March 2015 begins. Health of spouse needs extra care and you should be cautious after the 15th March 2015 in any case. Work could see a downturn also this year and despite all the new opportunities and great new ideas the level of success might remain less than your expectation for most of this time.

This year might see expenses being irrational and there might be outflows of money against your wisdom or even despite your best efforts, expenses and losses could continue throughout. There needs to be rationality in expenses and that will come in more after July 2015. It is a good idea to avoid new projects and new expenses for most part of the year. Possibilities of interest outside marriage if you are married will be present. Extra marital affairs come up during this time due to extra mental energy and some hurdles and difficulties in life in general. Mostly you need to be cautious and avoid getting into any controversial circumstances.

This is definitely a challenging year where there would be opportunities to learn, introspect, make mistakes and finally correct the course of your life as it goes along. The year begins with a pressure on your position, the trust that you enjoy around yourself. A certain presence of issues in life of sibling and possibilities of a false allegation could be also present in life at this point. You need to be patient and try and wait to cross April 2015 for these issues to be sorted out. Major improvements will come in after July 2015. Home and family would be a focus in the second half of the year and there would also be possibilities of gains or purchase of a house in the second half of 2015.

Your thinking is going to be negative and that could be the biggest reason for concern and lack of clarity in all that you undertaking now. Worry and pessimism could spoil the enthusiasm and you should definitely not let it overcome your life and issues in general. Happiness with regards to children would be lower than usual. Some worry, disappointments and disagreements with children possible. It would be a good idea to handle the matters diplomatically. Be politically correct and avoid confrontation or direct issues. Some problems and issues of the past which might even be connected with your earlier life or past life could also manifest during this period of the year. It is a time when you have to be careful about your Karma. You should do good deeds and help burn out the negative Karma which will reduce the level of negativity in life.

Health of father could be poor and you need to be careful about the older members of the family or father during this year. Stomach related issues could come up off and on and you should be cautious overall. The year will see strength and some amount of push due to activities that take place in partnerships as well as in your marriage. While temperament of spouse and partner could be difficult but still they would push you to achieve and grow. Support will be present although the amount of negativity and a seriousness and dryness in temperament would be there.

Gemini is poised to have a very positive year but the promise of the good times to come would not be there as the year begins. You might begin the year with difficulties, disappointments and adverse situations. All these would gradually become better as the year progresses. This year should see flow of money and onset of wealth. You will find yourself becoming closer to your family. There would be greater bonding and some amount of control over your thinking would be exercised by family members which will not be in your interest. However you will feel you are closer to the family and as long as you manage yourself, it is a good time to bond with the people around you. Your power of expression would rise, writing skills would improve tremendously and you would gain because of your skills and communications. You would be in a phase of deep thinking; new ideas would come in before the middle of 2015.

Beyond July 2015 you might find that your status could fall, there could be distances from spouse. Spouse might have an outside interest and some false allegations on you are also possible. Be very careful and cautious about your status and reputation after December 2015. The year will see vibrancy at work, there would be many new opportunities and growth prospects due to your ability to work hard and bring in gains and growth to all the areas that you would like to work on. It is a period of high energy and you would need to expand this energy in positive areas. Chances of an extra-marital affair also present this year if you are married, so you need to be cautious after March 2015.

In case you are not married, then very good chances of a new exciting relationship most of this year would be present. Health issues could bother you at times. You might get bothered with chronic problems that have visited you in past. Be careful and do not skip medications at any time. Since you would be in a powerful phase and any complications or health problems would eventually be over without too much of a problem. Home and domestic matters would be a cause of concern. There would be confusion, controversy, misunderstandings and politics at home. You should avoid getting too direct and do not try to find all the solutions right away. There could be a lack of focus at work also and reputation could also be poor at times. All these issues point to a need to be more caring, cautious and avoiding direct confrontations.

Health of father could be poor and even mother?s health could be difficult at times. You need to be careful and be sure that you have enough resources at hand to take care of your parents if applicable. Love relationships would be very interesting between end of July and early September 2015. There could be sudden new relationships that could sweep you off your feet. There is a need to be very cautious and avoid any form of mistakes in judgment or taking any hasty decisions in matters of relationships. In case you are not cautious, there could be a very negative impact on you as well as your family. You should enjoy the positive phase but wait till you cross the 6th September 2015 to take any final decisions in what you plan to do in love life as well as life in general.

This is going to be a positive year where you will grow and progress due to your own efforts as well as riding the wave of good luck. This is one time when your thinking will go for a transformation; there would be enlightenment and clarity in thinking and reason in life. Luck would be high, you might suffer minor health issues but it would be a positive period overall. There would be new ideas, growth and many reasons for the vibrancy in all you do. The positive attitude and feeling will reflect on your face and people will see the change in you during this year. Family and money matters will rise and jump up tremendously after July 2015. There would be growth and gains in financial matters throughout. Expression and ability to communicate will also look up tremendously after July 2015. Your speech, intellect and intuition will all become very sharp in the second half of the year.

Mostly you will go through a period of transformation. While all these things are happening, children could cause frustrations, anger and disappointment. Investments in life could look downwards and the investments you made with a positive outlook could look negative during this time. A general negativity in thinking and pessimism could be present despite the positive overall phase as well as the patch of luck that you will experience.

Health of father could be poor or it could be the health of an older male member of the family as well. These could have a poor impact on your thinking. Stomach related matters could come up at times. Old issues that had caused concern in the past could come back to you. Even the past Karma of earlier life or past life could manifest negatively causing hurdles in achieving the level of luck that you really deserve. Despite the pressures you will still be enterprising, outgoing. You will have excellent networking skills during this year. Growth would come in due to your hard work. You could experience problems with siblings and that could be a reason for worry and issues overall. Siblings could take away a lot of your energy besides the health of family members could also be difficult at times. Spirituality would be high; there would be a rise in interest in religion and spiritual matters. The need to learn more about spirituality could increase during this year also.

2015 could be a challenging year. You might experience certain setbacks and slowdown which were not present in the past. The issues could build up slowly and you should be ready to encounter the issues and not be taken by surprise by any of the developments around you. Expenses would rise and you might end up travelling without many gains during this period. There could be distance from children and certain disconnect whether mentally or physically with children also during this time. Spirituality will rise and you will find yourself closer to god and thinking more about the outer world. Hard work and struggle would be needed. Do not shy away from hard work during this time. There would be progress after July 2015. You will find bright new ideas and sparks back in your life. There will be dawn of new learning and enlightenment on what your strategy and steps forward in life should be.

New ideas would come in. Maturity in thinking would come back and you will also be happy with regards to children during this time. Overall July onwards you will feel much more in control than at the beginning of the year. Despite the progress the year will see steady rise in domestic hassles and issues with regards to day to day working of the house. There could be reasons for distance from home, discomfort due to travel without gaps and all these things could also make your temperament irritated and negative at times.

Health of father could be difficult and even issues relating to mother could come up after March 2015. You have to be careful and be prepared for any sudden emergencies. There will be family issues mostly on account of political pressures and negative thinking. Sub conscious could be burdened due to a lot of issues over work and that could have a negative impact on the relationship with people around you. Expenses could be wasteful and you might incur overheads which are unnecessary. Despite all these things another source of income could build up. You have to be cautious against any tax or legal issues as these matters could also come up and bother you at times. Health could be below average and you might struggle a bit on account of vitality and energy.

Virgo would have a positive and eventful year. While personal problems and issues would be high at the beginning of the year, but still your hard work, effort and determination could bring you good growth and an opportunity of turning around life during 2015. You would be undergoing a lot of mental stress at the beginning of the year and there would be issues, resentment and negative thinking all around you. Even people and family around you might not be very supportive during this time. You have to be focused, determined and ensure that you do your best to come out of this situation as 2015 will give you the opportunities you are looking for. The best possible gains would be due to your determination and handwork that will open up avenues for you. If you work hard enough and you are clear in your objectives, there would be expansion at work and overall a rise in your stature and status during this year. You will turn very aggressive and result oriented after March 2015. You should however ensure that you do not hurt people or turn negative against people around you.

There would be a rise in courage and your ability to handle problems will also rise during this time. This year will see problems and issues for your siblings. March to August 2015 might not be an easy period for your siblings. At times, there could be pain in your arms and unexplained issues towards the arms and the upper chest region so you have to be careful. Position of children will rise and you will travel extensively also during 2015. Friends whether true or fake would be around you during this year. This will make you socially busy, very much sought after and the center of attraction for people around you. Income will rise as this year goes forward. Possibilities of celebration in family are also present. Spouse will do better. Income and position of spouse would rise. Family could have a joint celebration and there would be occasions and large family gatherings and the people who you like.

You should not waste too much money or time on friends and celebrations. Instead it would be better to focus on your work and ensuring that your position in life is secure. After July 2015 there would be a rise in expenses and liabilities. Possibilities of investment in a real estate project could also take away liquidity in financial matters. There would be a rise in spirituality also. A focus on religious matters will come about during this year. You have to be cautious as this year could also see an increase in physical and mental distance from your spouse. You have to ensure that your level of bonding is within an acceptable standard since if that is not taken care of, distances will increase causing long term problems in marital matters. You might feel low on mental energy, you could be in deep thought and worry could be present at times. You should meditate and pray regularly and seek the blessings of God and spiritually uplifted people for better prospects during 2015.

This is sort of a challenging year as you will find financial prospects not as positive as you were experiencing in the past. You might get stuck up with a double negative outlook of high expenses and lower income as compared to the previous year. Further some issues in family matters and distance from people around you might make you feel cut off. You should make an effort to connect more with people who influence you well and make an effort to understand their concerns. You will start with a very busy period at work and will still remain in a phase of expansion. There would be hard work, growth and a gradual rise in status. Prospects for new areas and improvement will always remain there. A new source of income and a new channel of growth at work will build up too after April 2015.

It’s going to fun time after July. You will find happiness in social matters and happiness with friends also. While most friends will not be true or beneficial for you but there will be a period of fun and games. You should ensure that your expenses and time spent on friends and social outings remains rational throughout this period. A celebration in the family is possible. New friends could be made who might give you business benefits during this period also. Overall your income and gains would be high. Despite the high income and gains, expenses and overheads will also be very high. It’s a period where you have to be cautious about tax problems and any financial hassles. There would be a propensity to experiment with legal actions and secret deals. Some deals which are not known to the family would be present also. You need to be very careful that you remain covered and your actions are not exposed during this period.

You might experience a different phenomenon of having dreams which could be very vivid and there would be worry and dissatisfaction in your sub conscious mind. Try to avoid negative thinking and try to pray and remain as spiritual as possible. Health matters might cause worry unnecessarily without any real issues and problems in health. Level of competition against you could rise again giving you worry unnecessarily. You need to take your travels cautiously as travelling might not give you as much results or gains as you expect. This year will also give you a serious outlook towards family. Financial pressures and outflows would be high, tax or legal issues could cause concerns. Gain could come in from real estate or by means of either new investments at a very good cost or cashing on an older investment which will give you good growth. Children will do well and experience growth and progress. Mouth or facial diseases could come up once in a while. There will be nothing serious but you still need to be cautious about your hygiene.

2015 is going to be an eventful and positive year for you. While on one hand you will experience enhanced luck, better prospects, higher financial gains, on the other hand there could be considerable personal pressures, some sort of setbacks and private issues which will not be apparent or visible to people around you. Therefore, while everybody thinks that you are having a very successful run, there could be issues and controversies which might make you less happy than you seem. Overall you will find the luck to be high; there would be travel which will give you excellent gains and returns. You will be religiously inclined, spiritually uplifted and a general level of interest in religion and spirituality will exist throughout the year. It is a positive period with regard to your father and happiness and progress will come in due to elderly family members. Your children will also do well. Good work and good deeds done in the past whether in earlier life or in the last birth should manifest now and give excellent results and growth for you during 2015.

After July 2015, there will be an expansion in career, rise in the level of your finances, status will go up and an overall progress will be experienced. You will find that your stature and social status will be high. It is going to be a period of very high activity, hard work and you might feel constrained due to time as there will be too much work and too little time for other things in life. Status of children will increase after July 2015. There would be help and growth due to government as well as people in power. Chances of purchase of property will exist during this time. Communications and expression will also give you very good returns and growth overall till the end of the year. While all these things could be experienced you will find yourself personally fixed and determined in what you do. This determination will come in from personal setbacks, issues which might make your temperament serious.

A general level of dryness in temperament will be there and you could be skeptical about a lot of things in life. Attitude might turn critical towards others and you need to be careful as there could be disappointments when dealing with others. Level of worry and stress will be high. Status could fall due to your personal behavior otherwise professionally it is a period of good growth and gains. Chances of false allegations also present so you need to be very cautious. Health might be poor or difficult at times.

Generally speaking, you will find this year giving you revival in friendships. Old friends who were out of touch might come back and be in touch with you now. Income will increase, there would be gains overall. While these things happen you might also experience minor troubles in the ear, stress and fear could be high. Expectation from children could be more than rational and that might give you some sort of disappointment.

Sagittarius will see that 2015 is a challenging but a progressive year. There could be health related issues, financial hurdles and lack of clarity in work as well as domestic matters. All these issues could derail the life to some extent and the decision making could become a suspect. However, working hard and remaining open to new opportunities will revive fortunes and give you the growth and luck that you seek. The year will open up with health issues and hurdles will remain till March 2015 in health and general work related matters. Overall also, opposition to your ideas and hurdles in day to day activities would remain high till July 2015. You will find that you will get good amount of gains from others when you are working on your own. Working as a professional consultant or an advisor will give very good growth and results during this year. This year till June 2015 will also see you having a high appetite and a tendency to eat more than the usual. Chances of a weight gain are present and you need to be cautious on this account. Sex desire and physical desire overall will also be higher than usual.

Despite this phase, a deeper interest in spirituality, occult and unknown spiritual sciences will develop more during this time. After July 2015, your luck will change and there would be growth, gains and progress. Mostly efforts and luck due to favors done in the past will manifest now. Even previous birth good karma could manifest and give you good returns after July 2015. You will be more religious, there could be chances of religious pilgrimage. Spiritual pursuit and generally a ‘high’ in spirituality would be felt. Gains related to real estate will also be possible during this time. Your confidence will be high. Luck will be present due to your efforts during this period. Overall a positive time. Financially you might feel the pressure during this year. A state of financial bleeding will be present as overheads and wasteful expenses could be high. There would be loss of financial position, miscellaneous losses which could be avoided due to your intelligence. Tax issues could be present also during 2015. You should avoid new investments during this time.

Further a tendency to be secretive and indulge in secret deeds is present. Be sure that you remain on the right side of law during this time. You should be cautious of holding a public position as there would be some minor issues that could spoil your status there also. Some amount of distance from family could be created. A certain amount of loss of bonding could be felt also. Be pleasant towards family if you are not careful during this time. Health issues of a minor nature will be present but there is nothing to worry about during this year.

2015 is going to be a positive year for you. There would be growth and progress due to your hard work of the past as well as new alliances, partnerships, joint areas of work and overseas collaborations might be the largest reasons for success this year. The hard work done during 2013 and 2014 would also be the reason for growth during this year. 2015 will see a higher income, gains due to your past and current efforts, references and support of friends as well as good amount of social happiness due to very close friends will also be experienced now. You will gain from references and good comments about previous work and behavior. Some amount of trouble could be felt in ears. Siblings might not have an easy year. You will see that your financial position will rise, savings will increase, and overall financially you will become stronger and more influential during this year. Previous investments will give you very good returns too.

This year will see stomach and digestion related issues and you might have trouble mostly due to stress. Children will do well but at the same time there would be fear and chances of children being on the wrong track or in bad company. You have to remain very vigilant and see what is happening around you. Your hard work will remain the key and will bring in the maximum gains. Marriage matters will progress very well. If unmarried, you have very good chances of getting married this year. With spouse, despite the positive events and activities, mental and physical distance could rise till the end of March 2015. You will do very well socially as a couple but your bonding might go down a bit during this year. Spouse might have an external interest and you need to be careful and sensitive to the needs of spouse now. Partnerships could form now. New alliances could come in but there could be losses also in joint areas of work. You have to be cautious.

After July 2015, life might see more hurdles. You will find the competition and day to day issues rising after July 2015. This period will be good for you to work independently as an advisor or a consultant as you stand to gain individually than as an organization. Strangely you will find yourself having a heartier appetite, there will be an urge to eat more, and consequently chances of putting on weight also will be present in the second half of the year. Sexual desire and activity will also rise during this time. You might be indiscreet in relationships and that could cause problems, so be careful. Children might experience issues; there could be worry and mental pressures in the second half of the year. Your status and position might dip a little bit due to certain pressures, it?s a good time to remain cautious and avoid taking any risks.

2015 would bring in challenges, hurdles at work and minor health issues. Mostly you will find that you need to work very hard and prove yourself during this year for the best results. All the new opportunities will initially require a lot of hard work and execution of various expectations from you before eventually the results and gains start coming in. The year will start with a new vibrancy and new opportunities at work. There would be a sudden rise in various options and new projects around you. At the same time, competition against you will also rise. This might bring in its share of challenges till the end of March 2015. Worries about health will be present and there would also be the chances of increase in your indebtedness. If you are waiting for a loan to come through then this period will see some sort of a new loan also before the end of June 2015. July 2015 onwards, luck will change substantially and you will find progress and growth through the area of joint ventures and partnerships.

New projects could come in due to references and joint work with people around you. Investments made in the past should give you rich returns now. Spouse and partner would be a source of growth and gains for you. Travels will be quite beneficial. A celebration in the family is possible. Marriage, if unmarried is also a very big possibility after July 2015. If married, marriage matters will be happy. Spouse would do very well during this time. This year will see a rise in your authority, you will get a better status, but at the same time impediments and blocks at work will rise also. You will be a hard task master but you will also be accountable to a hard task master so it might be a pressure situation at work throughout. Superiors could create hassles and you might be tough to your juniors also. You have to remain cautious and stiff towards these issues. Travel for work would be substantial. If you are not conservative and careful loss in business enterprises also possible during this time.

You will be focused, determined, sharp as well as aggressive in all you do and while dealing with your team. Overall everybody will believe that you are a good administrator. This year could also see tax and legal hassles mostly between March and August 2015, so you need to be careful on these accounts too. The general level of hurdles would be higher than usual. Health issues could be present for self and spouse. Expenses could be wasteful and you might find your savings going down and getting sapped due to unexpected losses and expenses. Revenues could fall a little bit and savings as mentioned before could also go lower. You need to be careful about your speech as that could create a distance and trouble with people around you. This year could see a tendency to put on weight as you might end up eating more under stress. The level of discretion could be low and you might be reckless in certain undertakings. You need to have very good counsel around you for best possible results during 2015.

This is going to be a challenging year but with promise and hope for you. You will be inclined to make some major decisions. There could be new areas and opportunities waiting for you due to your own creative nature and skills. Luck however might not support you as much so despite all the efforts the returns will not be as great as you expect them to be. Overall the year will commence on a very creative note, you will get new ideas, new projects and progress will come in due to your own positivity. Mental faculties will be very high and increase further and so your ability to take major projects, handle major issues will be greatly enhanced. This is a year where you will be happy because of children, children will do well. Birth or conception of a child possible during this time. Career will progress due to your creativity. Your status will be high and socially also you are going to be very active and positive. After July 2015, the creative phase will go down a bit but the abilities will be good, your ability to work hard is going to give you progress also after July 2015. You will feel that the level of competition against you is also rising during this period. Issues might be experienced with health. Children?s health and relations with children could be a bit difficult and poor for you after July 2015.

You will find new opportunities at work and very vibrant way of working during the second half of the year but you have to take up all these options cautiously. Do not rush into every project right away. If expecting, a new loan could come through. Your expenses generally will rise during this time. Travelling will be frequent. You will find yourself on long and unnecessary travels also at times. Discomfort at travel could be experienced. If you are not cautious, travelling could turn out to be useless or loss producing. Level of luck could be lower than your expectation while expenses will rise. A new source of income is possible. Health of father could be a concern and even relations with father could be strained. Relations with siblings at the same time also could be difficult so you have to be careful throughout this period. This year will also see an impact on your decision making which could be poor. You are susceptible to making wrong decisions and taking a stand which is unreasonable. Due to this it?s a good idea to look for good counsel and keep sensible people around you whom you can consult.

New relationships would be on the horizon. A sudden new love interest which could culminate very soon into a steady relationship or marriage is also possible. If already married, there could be hassles as your expectations from life will be high and spouse might not be very cooperative. Sudden marriages possible during 2015 also. Be careful as your decision might not be very smart. This period will also see opportunities for new partnerships. These partnerships should be totally avoided unless you have a reason to believe they will continue very successfully in the next year also. Level of stress and mental issues will be present at times also. A phase of confusion and sudden activity will be felt between 26th July and 6th September 2015 which will bring in setbacks in work, love life and general health problems could be present also. 14th August onwards suddenly a new love relationship could get revived which had finished sometime back. You should enjoy this phase but you should not take any sudden decisions till you cross the 6th September 2015.

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