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Julia Gillard’s Historic Visit to a Sikh Temple

August 25, 2013

History was made as Julia Gillard becomes the first Australian Prime Minister to Visit a Sikh Temple.

She visited the Glenwood Sikh Temple on 23rd May 2013 on the invitation of the Australian Sikh Association Inc.

She was accompanied by Greenway MP Michelle Rowland, who is regular at Glenwood Gurudwara and was escorted by Mr Balwinder Singh Chahal of the Australian Sikh Association, following the rules of the Gurudwara, she was seen with her head covered with scarf, kneeling down to Guru Granth Sahib ji and making the donation to the temple.

Been a midweek day , people gathered in large number during their lunch hour to meet her. Prime Minister was treated like a rock Star.

The Committee outlined the achievements and the future plans and she responded to the speech. The 1 hour visit was extended and she was at the temple for nearly 2 hours. Prime Minister toured the temple after having meeting with the Australian Sikh association committee and then was taken to the Kitchen to shown how the Langar is prepared every day. She has high respect for the Sikh community for making such a beautiful temple and organising the Free Kitchen for one and all. She acknowledged many issues associated with Sikhs in Australia, especially with their identity, importance to international student and question of security raised at the airport.

She also came to pay tribute to the Sikh teachings and was overwhelmed by the sense of warmth felt from the community.

Purpose of the visit was to understand the needs of the Sikh community and the issues important to them, as it is the fastest growing Indian Australian population.

In her brief address Prime Minister said “It is a delight to be here at western Sydney and to be able to visit such beautiful temple. Western Sydney is very Diverse and very vibrant part of Australia and home to many nationalities including sub continent community. Sikh teaching provide us with necessary tools to live happy and fulfilling life. I believe we can all learn from the lessons of the Sikhism as they are truly universal notions and can only work to strengthen our society” She emphasised on providing better schools and providing better education to our children.

She said that She will take away with her the sense of delight for sharing this occasion with our community and have learned some valuable things and made some new friends. 

She was presented Photo Frame of Golden Temple as the Moment.