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Julie Passas Liberal Candidate for Summer Hill

March 3, 2015

Julie Passas is the Liberal candidate for the new state seat of Summer Hill at the March 28th, 2015 State election.  Julie is Australian born with a Lebanese mother and a Greek father.  Her husband of 38 years is a Greek-Australian. Growing up with the best of three cultures, She has the advantage of understanding the wants and needs of all communities in the seat of Summer Hill.  She listens to everyone’s problems and is easy approachable and goes out of her way to help each and everyone.

Over the years, She has been a small business operator and for over twenty years she has hosted students from many countries. She was first elected to Ashfield Council in 1995 representing the people of Ashfield for eight and half years and was re-elected again in 2012.

She has achieved many positive outcomes for the residents of Ashfield. She was the driving force for the disabled access at Summer Hill train station. She also founded Ashfield’s annual Carnival of Cultures and successfully implemented initiatives for youth such as the skate park in Summer Hill and under-fifteen discos. In addition, She instigated improvements to playgrounds and parks i.e. barbecues and new public facilities in Summer Hill and Ashfield.

She was responsible for the hydrotherapy pool at the Sydney hospital in Victoria St, Ashfield and lobbied vigorously against the former Labor government’s closure of the public hospital at Croydon (the Western Suburbs Hospital).

She is passionate, determined and do not believe one size fits all. There are different issues in every community and all should be given a hearing and equal support where possible i.e. the elderly, youth, disadvantaged and the silent majority.

She believes there are many improvements that should be addressed in our seat. Traffic, the environment, accessibility at all our railway stations, the graffiti problem, commuter parking, homelessness and low cost accommodation and also urgent upgrades to our local schools.

She loathes injustice and hypocrisy and believe that only an accountable, proven, responsible government like the current Liberal government, can deliver outcomes for our community i.e. an efficient health system, and the continuing importance of tackling crime not just political promises.

She is immensely proud to be part of the Mike Baird Liberal team and well prepared to be a local vocal voice in state parliament.

Julie Believes “As a life-long resident of the Inner-West and an Ashfield Councillor for over ten years, with your endorsement and trust, I will work to make the new seat of Summer Hill a seat to be proud to call home and I pledge to be a local member who will always be accessible to all.”