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Labor welcomes australia-india nuclear cooperation agreement

October 30, 2014

The Shadow Minister for Resources, Gary Gray AO MP today welcomed the tabling in Federal Parliament of the Australia-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement.

“The Agreement is the culmination of almost a decade of work under both Labor and Liberal Governments,” said Mr Gray.

“This important piece of work is not only helpful for Australia’s trade relationship with India but extremely important for India’s development.”

“In India nearly 300 million people have no access to electrical power, and more than 700 million people lack access to modern energy services for lighting, cooking, water pumping and other productive purposes.”

Since 2008 the Indian Government has made a significant number of commitments to allow this Agreement to be concluded. These commitments include:

  • The separation of civil and military activities
  • A significant role for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in safeguarding civil facilities
  • A moratorium of nuclear testing, and
  • Constructive moves to progress an international treaty to end the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons.

This bilateral agreement brings India into Australia’s non-proliferation safeguards architecture and ensures that Australia’s nuclear exports remain exclusively for peaceful purposes.

“With the historic visit by Indian Prime Minister Modi to the Federal Parliament, the tabling of this Agreement is very timely,” said Mr Gray.

“This Agreement is good for Australia and it is good for our relationship with the world’s most populous democracy.”

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