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‘Let Go~Let God’ by Guneeta Kaur

October 10, 2012

As I dried up my face in the shower, I heard a ‘Clink!’ Not being able to find my diamoind nosepin, I assumed that it had gone down the drain. My brain began to race, trying to deduce ways of ‘getting it back’.

Taking a few deep breaths in , I got hold of a tong & went for gold, but all I got was waste. Knowing very well that the precious solitaire gifted to me by my ma (mum) was now gone, a feeling of acceptance overcame me~a first hand lesson in ‘Letting go’.

Material things come & go, what is important…my ma’s love is still with me.

After a few hours of wonderful conversations on the topic on our page (link below), this is what I have to say….

Dear all, earlier I was using my brain to think of ways to look for what I had lost, then I used my heart to make myself accept the loss & let go.

However, you all gave me hope, I sat in silence, asked for guidance & received a message, “Look under the rim of the sliding shower door”.

My Spirit shone as bright as the solitaire in the nose ring, as I laid my eyes on it. Trust me, for a second I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me lol! A Big thank you to you for being there & to those watching over us from the Celestial realm.

What is meant to be yours, will Stay!

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