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Liberal Friends of the Sub Continent Gala Dinner

August 25, 2012

The night started with a short Media Press Conference with the members of the Liberal Party Hon Scott Morrison MP, Alex Hawk MP, Louis Markus MP, Craig Kelly MP, David Elliot MP, Geoff Lee MP, Stuart Ayres MP, Martin Zaiter, Craig Laundy, Jaymee Diaz., where Scott Morrison shared some of the future plans Liberal Party has in store if they win the elections on 14th Sep 2013.

The night was well organised and Dr Jagvinder Virk made an excellent initiative to scatter the MPs around the room, by having one MP on one table so they can interact with the general public and answer any questions that they might have.

The dance performances by Natyanivedan and Indo Nepalese dance groups made the night entertaining along with the Raffle Draws. There was an auction of dinner for 10 with Scott Morrison , which was won by SEEG for $5300

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