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July 31, 2012

‘S’, a 19year old boy with severe Special needs, didn’t understand much about life, but spent hours at end doing Chaur Sahib seva (service) @GurudwaraParklea Sahib. If anyone told him otherwise, he would get upset, such was his link with the Supreme Soul. His mum would get worried and talk to me on how best to support him (based on my special education background).

Today as I sat in the Darbar, the young man came to my mind, I turned around & saw his mother.
 Going up to her, I gently asked “Bhenji, how is ‘S’, I haven’t seen him for a while?”

She went quiet for a moment & then said in a small voice, “Even that Saturday night in November, ‘S’ did service to the best of his ability. It has been almost 2 years since he left his body…didn’t you know…!?” a tear trickled down from her eyes.

I could see the 19yr old smiling, I gave a little kiss to the mother on her arm…

The young man was blessed to be able to find that Spiritual link in the short span of time he was here on earth. He may be gone, but his memory reminds us that it doesn’t matter which God you believe in or who your spiritual source is, what’s important is how you stay linked to it & live your life.

We move from one breath to another…so does sands of time…Lest we forget.

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