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Live Like an Angel

May 8, 2013

Solve your daily work demand, challenges and problems on priority basis.

Love your first duty to listen with attention, care and patience.

Your matured constant daily virtuous actions reduce the hatred, envy or jealousy around you.

Your Daily conscious life energy becomes your adorable worship.

Love your Self as you love your God.

Love is an eternal breath of life.

When we become our master of mind, body and soul, our intelligence become still. We are not perturbed by the timely pleasure or pain, distraction or attraction ,learning or ignorance .Others may see our enlighten self body as an ordinary person, but inside we become real different person like a ripened coconut who knows the exact truth of life.

This wisdom of real self makes us to realize beyond fear, doubt and polluted material gain. We start adoring all living/non living as ONE ,the creation of our kind God. This immense love for all becomes our real words of Action for the welfare of all.

Since who loves the love forms a complete circle .There is no end to love as we throw a small pebble of kindness in the pond that travels so fast to encircle the whole water in it to become the act of God.

We all live in a universe of possibilities and we have the free will to choose hate or love, or to choose all or any or one resources from this universe. Being Angel of God we require to create the most wonderful life experiences. Being our selves the creation of Supreme creator, we must play our positive role of unique construction and never think of destruction ,even in our dreams.

How we feel infinite gratitude to the person who blesses us with kind, lovely and caring words, “To see you like an angel, divine and pure soul of God who selected you to give happiness to so many other souls .God bless you now and always,”

Hence Always praise the almighty God with the way you live and love your absorbing life.

When I totally allow myself to feel free from every emotions whatever it is and I observe from my inner space of love and silence, then My Inner God says it is Nothing But My God’s benevolence for me now and always. I Always thank God for his magnanimous kindness,

This active, pious ,pure freedom becomes my worship to clean my working desk, office and my home.

Hence I see the good in all that touches me makes me a complete God creation. It seems God has created everything perfect, only I have to be remain perfect as the Angel of my God.