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Live Up to The Principles

April 9, 2013

Principles are laid down for the benefit, betterment and welfare of one and all.

There are a few learned who have a doubt that some things will destroy the human race: Politics without principle, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness, and worship without awareness.

We have come out from the darkest caves of unknown period to present vibrant 21st century by following the principles laid down by our sages, scientist and social reformers.

We have many men of principle in our politics today but it seems we have yet to find a party of principles.

Moderation in personal temper may be a virtue but moderation in principles is a vice,

There is NO in between in principles.

A principle is the expression of perfection.

We know that Wealth is generated by profits in commerce. There is no harm to earn more and more riches, but it is painful to note the exploitation of child labor, bonded labor, underpaid skilled or unskilled workers in various departments of life.

On the same time, it is pity to note those people who wants to earn more riches by stealing,killing,gambling,lotteries or illegal works are the blots on our progressive society. They sink themselves by swallowing up the hard earned money by the virtuous people.

The Moral teachings and best self character teaches us the compassion. There should not be killing of any animal for profit, no undue cutting of green trees to save our enviornment,prevention from polluting our rivers, seas and oceans.
All preventive measures should be taken by all for pure, toxic free,pollution free Mother Earth. Let us observe the solemn vow today in presence of our God to observe love,loyality and compassion throughout our entire life.
As I Love and Like antique ,so my progress should always redress for present while making a great long plan future too.
As per the very wise words of Immanual Kant,” Act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.”

I pray the Divine Grace to always provide me the awareness, fearlessness and persistence of my knowledge application for the welfare of one and all. Since we are all connected with each other through the cosmic energy.

If someone do wrong, then let the law of land take its own course.

Let me say that Bread for me is material question,

Bread for my neighbor is spiritual one.

Can I, You and They live up to all the principles laid down for the benefit, betterment and welfare of ALL.

Article by : Jawahar Gupta